Everyday I sit still within the confines of my home. I watch with detail the events that come with each new day. And yes, I have a beautiful home garden where I get to plant, nurture and give life every single day.

Did you know that your home is like that garden filled with beautiful plants, herbs and flowers? Never forget that weeds and pests come with this territory too.

And yes, every plant is useful in its own way. And just as my Aloe Vera plant blesses me with its rich gel for my skin and hair, every plant has a reason for its existence.

Did you also know that these plants come in different sizes, shapes and will thrive in different seasons? And yes, they will respond to your nurture in different ways, blooming at your touch and tenderness.

Some of your plants will need that extra care, that ‘Midas Touch’ that makes all the difference in its growth journey. You will get to watch with awe as others blossom at nature’s own special touch.

My plants are all shades bright and beautiful. They bring so much sunshine and sparkle to my soul. Oh! How I love to savor those moments when I get to look at them and take in all of their glory.

I hope you also know that your plants are very different from mine and what they become has a lot to do with how you nurture, groom and protect them.

This little plant of yours will only thrive and blossom if you are willing to put in the work. The right amount of water and sunshine. The patience to clear off those weeds and a little manure to enrich the soil. That golden touch is that which makes your plant always a beauty to behold.

I guess you never knew that you had a beautiful garden right inside your home. A garden full of lives tender and wild. A garden filled with priceless treasures, rare gems and valuable souls.

A garden of limitless possibilities and endless miracles where seeds can become adorable plants and grow into mighty trees. A garden where seeds are planted, nurtured and given life.

In this garden, your seeds have the potential to be all that they are meant to be. This is why you plant, this is why you nurture, this is why you mother. You know now that you are nurturing and shaping lives daily in your home garden. And that is why you mother from the heart; to give, to love and to leave a legacy.

© 2019, Fijabi Ufuoma.

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