My life belongs to God

Who Does Your Life Belong to?

About a week ago, while doing the dishes, this question filtered into my head. Who does your life belong to?

And as I tried to reflect on it, a song readily came to mind. NDUM by Nathaniel Bassey ft Mr M & Revelation. I quickly picked up my phone and put it on replay. It is a powerful worship song or should I say declaration of your identity as a child of God delivered in the Igbo language. The first stanza of the song goes like this.


Ndum bu Nke Chineke
Ihe Nile Nkem Nwere
Jesus Nani Gi Riw’otuto
Ekwensu Enwegi Ike N’ebemno
Abum nwa nke Chuku
Jesus Nani Gi Riw’otuto

My Life Belongs to God
Everything that I have
Jesus only You Deserve the Praise
The devil has no Power Over me
l am a Child of God
Jesus only You Deserve the Praise

Guess what! The answer to my question is found in the very first line of this powerful song. It says, MY LIFE BELONGS TO GOD. Coincidentally, this happens to be the meaning of my first name in Urhobo Language.

Declare These Words Today – MY LIFE BELONGS TO GOD

God’s word also reminds us of this powerful truth. ” Know that the LORD is God—he made us; we belong to him. We are his people, the sheep of his own pasture.” Psalm 100:3

Yes, you belong to God and you are first and foremost a child of God before anything else. Every other role as a wife, father, mother, entrepreneur or teacher must be seen in light of who you are as a child of God. And when you come to believe that you belong to God , this knowledge will transform your life forever.

And not only do you belong to God. Your mind, your body, your gifts, your talents, your abilities, your husband, your wife, your business, your children and your family all belong to God. And just like the song says – The devil has no power over you and all that is linked to you. Why? You are a child of God.

Will you let this truth sink into your mind and life today?

God Saw You Before Your Journey on Earth Began

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