Who Am I? You are Called Mother


She sits through seasons in her life, watching as she evolves with the complexities that comes with the dawning of a new day.

She has walked through seasons of despair and hopelessness, but still she stands and works to make a difference with her life.

Who am I? She asks, as she seeks to answer the many questions in her head.

She gives her heart to the one who awakened the butterflies in her stomach. Together as one they desire to grow their circle of influence on the earth.

Who am I? She asks as she ponders about “what next” on this journey she has chosen to walk.

And then she watches her body change in the twinkle of an eye. Her once upon a time slim frame fills up to accommodate the life growing inside of her. Soon the baby bump is revealed and the mother within is seen and felt.

And then after what looks like a forever 9-month journey, her world comes to a temporary halt, she is star-struck when she meets and holds her newborn in her arms for the first time.

Who am I? She asks, as she reaches into the deep recesses of her soul to take in this moment of love so pure and beautiful.

She holds him close to her heart. She rocks him with arms so tender. She whispers his name and reaches out to stroke his chubby cheeks. She speaks words dripping with love into his tinny winny ears. She tells him how much he means to her. Her life changed forever.

Who am I? She asks, as she hums beautiful melodies swaying her child from side to side.

Who am I? She asks as she stares deep into her son’s eyes to an awakening of the role she has been given.

Who am I? She asks, holding him close knowing that their time together is but for a season.

Who am I? She asks, seeing the many milestones ahead and memories that must be created.

Who am I? She asks, looking ahead at how much impact she can make.

Who am I? You ask as you walk this journey of shaping lives and building destinies.

I will tell you what you are, just so you will always remember.

You are a mother.

You are valuable.

You are a nurturer.

You are influential.

You are a world changer.

You are a life giver.

And yes, you matter.

Your life matters.

Your values matter.

Your words matter.

But will you still be passionate about being a mother even if that is all you are at this moment?

Many Hugs,


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