When Mothers Pray – One Mother’s Faith and The Legacy She Left Behind


Did you know that there was a woman who earned her place in the annals of history because of her faith?

Do you know that a mother’s humility and faith can change the course of her child’s life forever?

She was a mother like you and I today. Her days were filled with work, chores and calming screaming children. She also gave of herself to see that her family was well cared for.

She was from another country, but was now settled in a new country and a new people.
She married a foreigner and was learning the ways and culture of her new family. She had a great family but something was missing in her home. All was not well.

Her daughter’s violent outbursts was a heavy burden in her heart. She leaped in fear each time her daughter jumped up from her bed. She watched in pain as her daughter danced and laughed at nothing in particular. She would go round the room pointing out writings on the wall only she could see, then burst out in fits of laughter.

Many said her daughter was possessed by a devil. Some mocked her and named her as the source of her daughter’s condition. Tears filled her eyes each time she looked at her daughter. ‘If only she can be well again’, she said to herself.

But this mother had a strange addiction. She loved listening to stories. She would laugh, cry or even shout whenever she heard a new story. One day, she saw a group of women gather and quickly walked towards them. She heard them share a story about a certain man who healed the sick and did great miracles.

Her curiosity widened as she heard some of the women testify of this man’s work. She turned around and whispered to herself, “Maybe this man could help heal her daughter.” She wondered within her and asked one of the women where she could find this man.

On one of those not-so-good days, while sitted by her daughter’s bed, she heard a loud noise outside her home. It must have been from few houses away from hers. She peeped through her window and saw a large crowd of people gathered. She heard someone scream, ‘The healer is here. The man who does miracles is here’.

She quickly grabbed her scarf and wrapped it around her head. She shut her daughter in and ran towards the home where the crowd was gathered. She slipped quietly through the crowd and knelt before this stranger. The many stories she had heard about him filled her heart with faith for this moment. She believed that her daughter could be well again.

She fell at his feet and poured out her heart before him. This man looked at her and knew immediately that she was a foreigner in that land. He then turns to her and says , ‘It is not right to take the children’s bread and cast it to dogs’.

Her heart was broken by his words. Yes, she was a foreigner and was not qualified for the blessings that belonged to the people of this land. But she was here now and her daughter was sick and needed help.

She turned her head towards him and said, ‘Yes, I know my Lord. I know I do not qualify for your blessings. But I know that even the dogs under the table can eat the crumbs that fall from the children’s table’. He was amazed at her words. He then looks at her and says, for this very words you have spoken, ‘Go home, the devil has left your daughter. ‘

She stands to her feet and walks away from his presence with tears in her eyes. She runs faster than her legs can carry her, she opens the door of her home and walks to her daughter’s bed. She finds her daughter wide awake and well. Mark 7:25-30

What stories of faith daily fill your heart as a mother?

What are you doing with those stories of hope and faith that you have heard?

What do you really believe when you set out to pray?

Faith is the substance of things we hope for and the evidence of things we do not yet see.

Faith is the proof that you have what you have prayed for. And on this journey as a mother, you will need faith on a daily basis.

You will need faith when you hold the hands of a sick child.

You will need faith when praying that a straying child will find his steps again.

You will need faith as you trust God for the lives of your children and the paths they will choose to walk.

You will need faith to surmount life’s difficult seasons and challenges alongside your family.

You will need faith to turn the hearts of your children towards God.

You will always need faith when you go down on your knees to pray and speak over the lives of your children.

The mother in the story was willing to feed on the crumbs of hope that fell from the Master’s table. The words she spoke was her prayer to a God she didn’t even know. Yet, she found faith and believed in the power of the stories she had heard.

This mother’s act of faith also earned her a place in the Bible. And generations after her will keep reading her story and find faith for their own miracles. This is her legacy.

Can I ask you this,

What legacies are you building with your words, your faith and your life?

And this is what happens ‘When Mothers Pray’.

Faith comes alive.

Burdens are lifted.

Words are spoken.

Miracles Happen.

Legacies are built.

Many Hugs,


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