When Mothers Pray – Dare to Ask Concerning Your Unborn/Born Child

20190206_112819_0001Some years ago, a few people gathered to celebrate the birth of our son. Our families were present, alongside some friends to share in this beautiful moment.

We were now ready to share with the world the names God had put in our heart for that child.

But just before that moment, the preacher amongst us proceeded to share some lessons with us. He did not speak for long, and said that he perceived that good seeds have been planted with words over the child.

He then went on to share a particular verse from the bible, one that has remained with me all these years. I scribbled it down that day in one of my notepads, and recently stumbled on it in another notepad where I had rewritten it.

So what words am I talking about. Follow me closely.

A certain couple from long ago started out on this beautiful journey of marriage. They loved each other and looked forward to starting a family. Days and years passed and the woman was unable to conceive.

One day, perhaps while musing over her predicament or simply lost in thought, an angel shows up before her. The angel tells her about the son she will bear and gives her specific instructions concerning this child.

Her husband happened to be absent at that meeting, but she tells him everything. He then prays to God to send the angel back. He wanted to hear for himself.

“Then Manoah entreated the Lord , and said, O my Lord, let the man of God which thou didst send come again unto us, and teach us what we shall do unto the child that shall be born.” Judges 13:8

The latter part says, ‘teach us what we shall do unto this child that shall be born’. These were parents who were bold enough and dared to ask concerning their unborn child. They are the parents of Samson, one of the heroes of faith in the Bible.

This mother had the rare privilege of gaining insight into the destiny of her unborn child. It happened because alongside her husband, they asked.

It is your turn now.

Have you ever asked concerning your child?

Have you asked concerning the schools he/she should attend?

Have you asked concerning the teachers you desire in their classrooms?

Have you asked that God show you and tell you specific things concerning that child (especially when things are going wrong) ?

Have you asked that God lead your child in the path he has ordained for them?

Have you asked concerning the kind of friendships that will show up in their lifetime?

Have you summoned the courage to ask about this seed you are carrying in your womb?

Will you be bold enough to ask to be taught on how to lead and guide your children?

Will you go down on your knees and ask for insight into the destinies of your children?

Will you dare to ask?

And this is what happens when a mother goes down on her knees and asks specific questions.

– Light shines through in those dark places as you daily raise your children.

– Wisdom becomes a guide and delivers uncommon ideas, strategies and solutions to you in your motherhood journey.

– Love opens your eyes to see beyond this present moment.

– Revelation shows up and leads you to make wise choices and the best decision concerning each child.

Always remember that ‘WHEN MOTHERS PRAY’

Wisdom becomes a force.

Destinies are charted.

Uncommon stories are written.

Will you dare to ask this today?

‘Lord teach me about this child and how I should raise him/her?

Many Hugs,


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