When God Leads You into the Wilderness

It is possible that at one point in your life’s journey, God will lead you into the wilderness places of life.

Have you ever had a wilderness experience in your life? If yes, how did that wilderness experience make you feel in that season of your life? Jesus  himself had his own fair share of a wilderness experience. But what happens when God leads you into the wilderness?

“Then Jesus was led (guided) by the [Holy] Spirit into the wilderness (desert) to be tempted (tested and tried) by the devil.” Matt 4:1 (AMPC)

Jesus was led into the wilderness by the holy spirit to be tested and tried. The son of God had his moment of being tested and tried in the wilderness. I believe that many times God will allow you to be in different situations and have different experiences to prove you. He will also test you and try you at different seasons of your life to see the true state of your heart. Will your faith wither? Will your trust in God still be intact even in your wilderness experiences?

Wilderness experiences will eventually show what stuff you are made of. Jesus was able to shut the devil up with God’s word when he was in the wilderness.

The children of Israel experienced the power and glory of God in the wilderness. Ruth found hope during a wilderness experience. Her choice to follow Naomi, her mother-in-law wherever she went revealed her hope for a better future – even though she had just lost everything that mattered.

Are you currently having a wilderness experience?

Jesus was hungry and tired from his fast. It was a vulnerable period for him. However, in that wilderness, he still knew who he was and the power he had inside him. Hence he was able to look the devil in the eyes and call his bluff.

So wilderness experiences will only reveal the strength, faith and potentials in you. Such that in that wilderness, you come out a better person than you went in. You grow your faith and trust in God. Your character is refined and you become more like your heavenly father. And this is why God allowed you to have that wilderness experience.

Remember that your life is a series of perfectly orchestrated events. Sometimes, you may never fully understand why God leads you into certain experiences. But know this, if God led you into that wilderness experience, he will also bring you out and you will be a better person than you were when you first got there.

What Will Your Wilderness Experience Teach You?

Let your wilderness experience teach you about hope and faith in a very dark world. Perhaps it can show you that good still exists in the world. And that even in your lowest and darkest moments – God never leaves or abandons you.

Will you take a cue from the son of God? He left the wilderness victorious after being tested by the devil himself. And shortly after, he went on to do great and mighty works leaving his name imprinted in our hearts forever.

Let that wilderness experience shape and build you into that person God has called you to be. But most importantly, it will prepare you for that destiny God has called you into.

Will you embrace that wilderness experience today?

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