What Can I Say To That Child

“History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children.” Nelson Mandela

To that child,
Whose hope seems afar off.
I say to you,
Keep hope alive.
Because hope is a beautiful thing,
Perhaps the finest of life’s virtues.

To that child,
Whose dreams are but a fading picture.
I say to you,
Dreams can come true.
If and only if you will believe.

To that child,
Whose mother walked out on him.
Leaving him without the protective and fierce love of a mother.
I say to you,
Let go and keep living.
And let her ignorance and mistakes propel you to reach for the stars.

To that child,
Whose life has been scarred.
You have been abused physically, emotionally and mentally.
I say to you,
Shut out the voices in your head.
And work daily to overcome your fears.

To that child,
Whose father has no clue of their existence.
I say to you,
Grow up and be responsible.
Because fatherhood means leadership.
And it comes with great responsibility.

To that child,
Who is living with disabilities.
I say to you,
Be strong. Be courageous.
You can inspire others with your story of hope and determination.

To that child,
Whose poor grades has kept her stagnant.
You have been told that you will never amount to anything.
I say to you,
Rewrite your story,
Pay the price and prove them wrong.

To that child,
Whose innocence was taken away.
I say to you,
Rise above your despair.
And never give your abuser the right to dictate what your life should look like.

To that child,
Whose life has been broken by words spoken.
I say to you,
What you believe is what you become.
Tell yourself today who and what you desire to become.

To that child,
Whose life has been laden with sickness.
I say to you,
Keep fighting,
Use the time you have to make a difference in the lives of those around you.

To that child,
Whose life has been nothing but a struggle.
You have never had a home.
You have never known what family feels like.
I say to you,
Hold on to faith.
Miracles still happen.
And you must never ever give up.

“Children are God’s opportunity to transform a family, a people, a nation and a generation.” Sam Adeyemi

Nurture these children today.

Protect these children everyday.

Be there for them and with them as they navigate the murky waters of life.

Support and encourage them always.

Provide for them and meet their needs.

Speak life giving words to them as much as you can.

Feed and clothe them especially the vulnerable amongst us.

Celebrate them as much as you can.

Teach them values and morals as they grow.

Discipline and correct them in love like God would.

Model honesty and love to them.

Be a true leader and always be a guide and inspiration to them.

“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” – John F. Kennedy

Happy Children’s Day to all the amazing children in the world.

May your light keep shining and may you be the difference and make a difference in your generation.

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