What Step Are You On At The Moment In Your Life’s Journey?

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We are all on a journey. Every man on his path. It is also a journey where we take it one step at a time. Every step has its ‘Aha’ moments while some other steps will come with its difficult moments.

What step are you on now on your journey to achieving your dreams? Are you in a place of doubt with the ‘I can’t do it’ syndrome or Is it the ‘I want to’ yet doing nothing syndrome?

Are you are still in the ‘I will’ phase which when not acted upon simply fades away.

How about the ‘I will try’ syndrome which simply needs a little courage to act. I know many love the ‘yes I did it’ part, but always forget that you overcame a lot of those other syndromes to get where you are today.

What step are you on at the moment in your life’s journey? Rate yourself and drive yourself from within.

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  1. Great post.. Thank you for the environment! 😍

    1. Thanks for reading. I didn’t really quite get the environment part.

  2. Lol… auto correct…. meant encouragement! 😉

    1. ☺☺☺. I am glad you are encouraged and greetings to the twins.

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