What Makes a Scar Beautiful?


I stood alongside a woman a few weeks ago in the market. She was tall, bubbly and looked like she was in her 40’s. She had a friendly look and also many words to speak, but something in the words she spoke made me turn my entire focus on her.

How does a young married woman live through losing 7 babies?

How does she walk through life with so much joy after losing 7 children weeks after their birth?

How come she is so proud to show the world her scars?

These were the questions in my head and many more, as I listened to this woman share her story.

She got married like every other woman and was excited to start a family. She got pregnant and then her travails started.

She took in and kept losing the children. Hmm! I was in shock but then I had to ask her, ”Ma, were you having miscarriages or what? ” The words that followed had me sober all day. In her words, ”I will give birth to the child and they will die after weeks or few months”.

I was unable to process the pain and trauma this woman must have been through. Yet she was all smiles and full of gratitude as she shared her story.

The good news is that her 8th child survived. Guess what! She was blessed with another child after over 10 years of having her sole surviving child.

A daughter she calls her miracle, a daughter who was born prematurely, a daughter whose birth kept her battling for her own life in the ICU for weeks, a daughter who has brought nothing but pure joy and favour into their home.

And then she proceeds to show her scars. Those scars are her reminder of the power and beauty of a mother’s love.

Those scars are a deep part of her struggles and victories. Those scars give her many reasons to stay thankful. She concludes that God is great and always shows up at the right time.

Some mothers have scars to show from their C-section births.

Some had major accidents that left them scarred.

Others went through traumatic emotional experiences that left them scarred.

Yet they carry their scars proudly and are using their experiences to light up hope in the hearts of others.

Can you see the beauty in your scar?

Do you see your scars as a reminder of the beauty and power of a mother’s love?

Do your scars remind you that you are a survivor?

Will your scar always remind you of the beauty and privilege of giving life to another?

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