What Is Your Motherhood Story?


Can words describe the joy and love that radiates from your soul at the sight of your new born child?

No words are sufficient enough to capture that moment, when that life you carried inside you for 9-long months becomes a living being cuddled in your arms. You are always lost for words.

I have been on my motherhood journey for some years now. And it has been years of loving, learning and giving. I seem to give much more than I get, yet my heart, body and soul wants to give more.

Not once, but twice have I been blessed to bring forth life into the world. The first time, it was a normal delivery, while I have a little C- section scar to show from the second. I was gifted the privilege of feeling labour pangs and knowing what it means to travail and help your body bring forth life. I also was given the ultimate privilege of being cut open to give life to another.

These experiences are priceless moments I will always hold in my heart. They are daily reminders of how special I am in the eyes of my creator. Yes, I carried a life in me and watched my body change in many ways just to accommodate this new life inside me. I can remember the first kick and the many kicks that followed. I opened my mouth many times and spoke to my growing babies living in me. I wanted him or her to know that I was so happy to have him/her in my life.

It has been about a decade now and see how time passes so quickly. I remember those hours of interrupted sleep at night from breastfeeding. I remember the excitement I felt when you both took your first steps. I remember saying silent prayers over you when you fell sick. I also remember holding your hands to write your first word. I have walked with you through some milestones as I look forward to seeing more.

I can say that this journey of mine is full of lessons and blessings. I believe that you can serve your family and still experience peace and joy in your lives. I know now that motherhood is a calling and a great opportunity to influence the next generation. And I am learning to find purpose in my motherhood journey.

The joy of watching your children grow up is inexplicable. The sound of their laughter and the smile on their faces gives you a ray of hope in your darkest moments. They always give you many reasons to keep living, keep growing and keep doing.

My motherhood stories are stories I hope to share with my grandchildren someday. They are stories I hope I will be proud of and will be remembered for. And yes, my work and journey has just began.

I will teach, build and sow good seeds in the hearts and lives of my children. I will learn and grow that I may become a better teacher to my children. I will give endlessly, love selflessly that my children may experience God’s love flowing richly from my heart.

Every day is a part of this great story. And each new day comes with grace and hope to shape the minds of my children. Yes, I am sometimes afraid of failing and also of my imperfections, but I will press on in faith- trusting the one who called me and found me worthy enough to be a mother.

My motherhood story is a journey of faith. I am painting pictures daily with my words. I am creating memories with my children. I will treasure each moment with lots of gratitude. And I am willing to pour into their lives valuable lessons, values, faith, hope, God and love. For it is that which goes into a mind that will come out in a life.

I always have my good days and I also have my bad days too. I feel alive sometimes and feel overwhelmed at other times. And my motherhood story is a journey of faith, hope and love. I believe that I am here to serve, live and give. I am here to love and nurture lives. I am here to bless and pray over lives. I am here to encourage and support others. I am here to inspire and be inspired. I am here to influence and make an impact. This is my motherhood story.

What then is your motherhood story? What memories are you making with your children? What chapters are you writing in the books of your motherhood story?

Did you know this?

That Motherhood is power. Motherhood is influence. Motherhood is about writing great chapters in a story that can impact many generations long after you are gone.

Can I ask you this again?

What is your motherhood story?

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