What Is In A Mother’s Heart?


The image above speaks volumes as it shows us motherhood at its peak. This mama deer gave herself up to save her fawns and that is what a mother’s heart looks like.

So what is in a mother’s heart? It is true that as a mother, you live each day serving, giving, nurturing, shaping and impacting your children. This heart of yours also has the power to influence generations to come.

What is in a mother’s heart?

A mother’s heart gives herself daily in service her little ones.

A mother’s heart loves not just in words but in her deeds.

A mother’s heart seeks to nurture men and women of virtue.

A mother’s heart fights to secure the destinies of her children.

A mother’s heart inspires her children to dream big.

A mother’s heart prays tirelessly for children.

A mother’s heart beats to see her little ones triumph and succeed.

A mother’s heart never ever gives up on her children.

What is in your heart as a mother? I live everyday knowing that I  have been given power, influence and wisdom to shape the next generation.

My heart seeks to nurture a bold and confident generation. My heart seeks to raise a generation who knows who they are.

My heart seeks to nurture men and women who will find purpose early in life and do that which they are born to do.

I am aware that my words have the power to build or break, so this heart of mine seeks only to speak words that will enrich, inspire, challenge and build the next generation.

Dear mother, What is in your heart? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Many hugs,

Ufuoma Fijabi

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