What Every Little Girl Needs to Know


I wrote this post some days ago in honour of the girl child…..

“Aunty, I will like to go back to school one day”. These were the words of a young teenage girl I met many years ago.

She sold recharge cards around the stadium in town, while I was in the University. And then somehow our paths crossed.

She lived with her aunt and had to stop going to school because of lack of funds. So she was at that spot every day trying to make money for her aunty.

I gave her things when I could and always encouraged her never to give up on her dreams of getting an education. She liked me a lot and always looked forward to my visits.

Years have passed, I graduated and moved on and never got to see my teenage friend again. I wonder if my words took deep roots in her heart, and if she ever returned to school.

Fast forward to some years later. I was on my way to work in the evening. I was on a night shift through that week. So after alighting at my bus-stop, I will walk down a long stretch of quiet road to my office.

It was usually between 6.30pm and 7.30pm. I  walked very fast because of the lonely nature of the road. On one of those days, I noticed a little girl of about 9 years old hawking her goods meters away from me.

And then I saw a middle-aged man by her side. They looked like they knew each other. He was squeezing her backside and fondling her body with a nasty look on his face. She pushed his hand away and he put it back where he wanted.

I took the next turn to my office as I wondered about what could happen to that little girl. Will that young man violate her? Will he sexually abuse her and tell her never to tell anyone? Will he steal her innocence and keep luring her with gifts? Why was she hawking at this time of the day? These were the questions in head.

There are still many young girls today in different parts of the world who have never been to school. Others were forced to drop out because of poverty and ignorance. Many of these girls suffer physical, mental and sexual abuse before turning 18.
It is the ‘International Day of The Girl Child’ today and it is all about girls. Yes, girls, girls, girls.

I am a girl and I have a girl in my life now. She came into my world a few years ago and she has the most amazing smile. She is full of energy and her laughter is infectious. She is my daughter and a girl who is learning a lot about the world.

I am girl who seeks knowledge and always searches for inspiration. Did you know that very girl needs some inspiration?

Every little girl is special and needs to hear you tell her how valuable and priceless she is.

Every girl needs some inspiration. You can inspire her to dream, to believe and to achieve.

She needs to know that she can achieve her dreams. Will you give her some courage and faith in those wings to fly?

Every girl needs some inspiration. You can inspire her to love and to lead. She must learn to love herself and appreciate her uniqueness.

Teach her that her self-worth must never be thrown to the dogs. Teach her that her life can become a pathway that can lead many to greatness.

Every girl needs some inspiration. You can inspire her with people, places and stories.

Teach her to travel the world with her imagination. Teach her to read good books and help her grow a deep hunger for knowledge.

Every girl needs good education. Will you empower her? Will you support her? Will you encourage her?

Teach her about the value of getting an education. Show her girls like her who are changing the world everyday with their gifts, grace, words, skills, ideals and values.

She also needs a mother and guardian who will model values like integrity, humility, discipline, hard-work, honesty love, courage and faith to her.

Will you be one to her today?

Many Hugs,


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