Someone once shared with me about her childhood. She and her siblings grew up seeing her mom move around the house always mumbling words to herself.

She grew up accustomed to that image of a woman, who sat still within the confines of their home, having deep conversations with herself. They had come to accept that something was not quite right with their mother.

Fast forward to many years later. That young child was now a young woman. The blurred images from yesterday were now clear pictures. Her mom had aged now but still moved around their home talking to herself and laughing out loud.

She had peeped at her on one of those days, and in that moment she understood what had been all along.

She found her sitted on her favorite sofa, having conversations with a stranger. This person was so real to her mother but unseen to her.

She watched her mother willingly share her fears, desires and argue her case with great precision before this unseen being.

But then, it hit her in that place and moment, that her mom had always been in prayer mode all these years.

God was a person to her, and she had mastered the art of conversing daily with him. This is how she had learnt to pray and pour out her heart like water before her heavenly father.

So what happens when mothers pray.

What happens when a mother understands her place in the destinies of her children?

What happens when one woman opens up her heart to pray for her children?

Join me this month of February as I explore the theme ‘WHEN MOTHERS PRAY’.

– You will discover four powerful virtues that come to light when mothers pray.

– You will find out what happens when mothers pray.

– You will join the train of mothers and women who pray.

One thing holds and that is,

Light shines,

Barriers are broken,

Destinies rise,


I am so excited about this and I am so sure you are too.

See you on the next post.

Many Hugs,


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