This is Who A Father is

I recall walking into the room some years ago after the birth of my first child to meet a very unusual moment – a moment which has remained in my heart to this day.

I walked into the room and quickly stepped back, the view before me was intense, and I was careful not to disrupt that very priceless moment between a father and his child.

This was his first shot at fatherhood. I had carried his seed inside me for 9-long months, he was excited as I was and could not wait to meet his child.

And so on that day, while I took minutes to clean up in the kitchen, I rushed back to the room to check on my new born baby, and met a father lost in a moment he had been waiting for all along.

He held his son close with a fierceness I had never seen. He held him close to his heart and I could feel the intense love radiating from his soul.

He could not hold back his tears for the precious life in his hands. He wept in deep gratitude for the gift of fatherhood and the privilege to lead and nurture a life.

And then he began to speak life-giving words into the life and destiny of his son. He spoke from the deepest parts of his heart and lifted his seed up towards heaven, surrendering him in that moment to his heavenly father. This is what fathers do. This is who a father is.

It has been ten years of watching him lead, teach, pray and being a great role-model to his children.

He is and will always be a light, guide and blessing in our lives. I and my children are forever grateful for the gift of a father in him.

And he is who a father is.

Fathers are sign-posts of greatness, hope and inspiration for the next generation.

Their leadership and influence matters in the shaping and mentoring of the next generation.

Their presence is what matters most and never the gifts and presents they give.

Their love runs deep, though many times never spoken but their actions, we will always remember.

Their mistakes will leave others broken, yet they can become lessons and pathways to shaping the person you become tomorrow.

Their lives are a picture and model for generations to come, how they live it, becomes the mirror through which we see and embrace the world around us.

Fatherhood is a high calling, a great privilege and a huge responsibility of leading the next generation to find and embrace their path.

To all the fathers leading, teaching, inspiring and giving – you are celebrated.

Happy Fathers Day!!!

May your seeds grow into mighty trees.

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