Think About That Which Lies Within You


“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

The past is gone and the future is before us, between the two lies this one moment. Now!

What lies behind you are lessons to move you ahead, what lies before you are puzzles to solve, what lies within you is the power to make a change.

The past is but a fading memory and the future like a blossoming plant.

What lies behind you are your limitations, what lies before you is your inspiration and that which lies within you is the propelling force to become.

The past is forgotten and the future is enticing, between the two is the power to choose.

Behind you lay broken dreams, before you are new/resurrected dreams and that which lies within you is the courage to pursue your dreams.

There is something in every one of us, not just some of us. It is our uniqueness that adds value to the world.

Think about that which lies within you, a word, a voice, a message, an invention, a product and change the world with who you are.

Many Hugs,


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  1. I loved that. Very inspiring and encouraging. Thank you for the post. Hugs, Sue

    1. I am glad you were inspired Sue. Thanks for stopping by.

      1. You are very welcome.

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