The Seeds We Plant And Fruits That Will Show

I once watched a farmer plant tomato seeds in tiny little bags that he had stacked up with rich soil. I saw those seeds sprout a few days later.
I also watched and saw how some of those seeds never sprouted and how frustrated the farmer felt.
Some of his plants blossomed at first, but then I watched as some leaves began to wither away. The plant never reached its full potential.
I watched the farmer care for and nurture his plants. I also saw his frustration when things were not going the way he wanted. He had planted, he had nurtured and still some of his plants still would not bear fruit.
Water is life to a plant and I have seen drooping leaves come back alive with a cup of water touching its roots.
It is amazing to watch how seeds planted sprout and grow into beautiful plants and sturdy trees. They grow tall, some short and others with splashes of color to brighten our day. While some give beauty to our space, others bear fruits for us to enjoy.
Our children are like seeds planted. They will sprout and reach their full potential if nurtured in the right environment. They are here to fill the earth and add value to humanity. 
We do not sow seeds and walk away, we nurture them till they start to blossom. And even when some seeds refuse to sprout, we must never give up. We may need to plant all over again.
Our children are the seeds we are planting for the next generation. I am the farmer whose job is to tend and nurture his plant. My seeds will sprout, their roots will grow deep and their fruits will show someday.
These children are the plants and trees that will add beauty to the world tomorrow. My seeds will grow to become what they are to be. Some tall, some short, some with deep roots and some swaying with each tail of wind.
Others will give us beautiful flowers while some will yield us fruits to enjoy. The seeds we plant must grow, but until then we must nurture with good soil, water and lots of faith.
Our values and beliefs are like the soil. This is where our seeds will first find life and begin to sprout. Our lives and words are like the water. This is how our plants will grow and blossom into its fullness. Our journey will need lots of faith as we wait for our plants to bear fruits.

A parent is like a farmer who plants seeds everyday. His desire is to have children who will bear good fruits throughout their lifetime. But every parent must be willing to be like the farmer.
The farmer waters his plants daily. He will never let weeds take over his farm. He checks out daily for the condition of his plants. He always has faith for a good harvest.
Children are like seeds planted. They will grow and bear fruits someday. Some good and some bad. Every parent is like a farmer. Cultivate your heart and let your seeds find room to grow. Nurture them with your words and life. Weed off bad behavior and character. Have lots of faith to carry you through this journey.
May the seeds we plant blossom.
May they grow into beautiful plants.
May their fruits show.
May they give color and brightness to the next generation.
Many Hugs,
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  1. Such a great reminder! My kids are still little. It’s so important to remember while you’re in the midst of raising them to provide the atmosphere they need to grow strong!

    1. This is so true! May we plant good seeds and nurture them to fullness. Thanks for stopping by.

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