The Power of One Teacher.


Today is World’s Teachers Day, where teachers around the world are being celebrated. We join the world today in celebrating every teacher out there. Your good deeds are never forgotten.

Everyone of us has been touched in one way or the other by a teacher and the effects of that relationship have made us better or broken people.

I am always inspired by stories of teachers who gave their best to their students and also went the extra mile to build and encourage children who had learning difficulties and had given up on themselves.

The story of Antwone Fisher readily comes to mind as shared by John Maxwell in his book, ‘Today Matters‘. Antwone gives credit to his elementary school teacher who believed in him and gave him a glitter of hope in his darkest moments.

In his words, ” Her honest, careful words are the equivalent of lightning bolts and thunderclaps.  Outside I shyly accept her praise, but inside I’m flying with the birth of a revelation.  It’s the first time I’ve ever realized that there is something I can do to make things different for myself.  Not just me, but anyone.  That no matter how often someone says you can’t do something, by simply working harder and trying, you can prove them wrong and actually change your circumstance.  This lesson is a piece of gold I’ll keep tucked in my back pocket for the rest of my life.”

So what is the power of one teacher. One teacher can heal a broken and wounded child.

One teacher can rekindle broken dreams in the heart of his students. One teacher can light a fire in the heart of his pupil. One teacher can build a confident child. One teacher can bring  the hidden leader out of his student. One teacher can hold the hand of his student and show him/her that anything is possible.

Teachers teach.

Teachers build.

Teachers encourage.

Teachers support.

Teachers impact.

Teachers inspire.

Happy World’s Teachers Day.

What is your Teacher story? Share with us about your journey as a teacher. Also feel free to share with us how a teacher inspired you and changed your life.

Many Hugs,


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