The Power Of A Mother’s Love.


This is for all mothers, mothers to be and mothers waiting.


I once heard a story about a 45 year old unmarried woman. She was rebellious in her youth and had given so much pain to her parents. She fell ill, was in a bad state and needed to go to the hospital. But she lacked funds.

Every member of her family was pissed off with her. She had brought a lot of sorrow to them with her lifestyle. Her brother boldly told the mother to leave her to her fate.

But her mother, who this same daughter had rained abuses on and brought so much shame to said to her son, ‘She is my daughter, I can’t just leave her like that.’ That is how powerful the love of a mother can be.

You are a mother and you have been called to mold hearts and shape destinies.

Be there when your children call!

Stand with them through every pain, challenge and difficulty.

Your hugs can build their confidence.

Your words can shape their future.
Your counsel can set them apart from many.

Yes, your love is so powerful and the depth of it can not be searched out.

The way you love that child only shows us who you really are

You are a  mother. The one in whose hands many destinies lie to build or to break.

You are a mother. Be a shield and comfort to your children!

Laugh and cry with your children.

Understand the unspoken words of your children.

Become a warrior and fight for the destinies of your children on your knees and with your words.

You are a mother and your love knows no bounds. Your love will live forever and its impact felt long after you are gone.

Dear Mother, you can love your children selflessly and leave love prints in their hearts for generations to come.

Many Hugs,


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  1. The love of a mother is so powerful more than words can say .
    Awesome piece .Thanks for sharing .

    1. Yes indeed. Thanks for stopping by.

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