The Men In Your Life And The Lessons They Have To Share

mmI remember many years ago, a friend lost her mom whilst in school, her family was in pain and debt. She was also on the verge of being sent out of school. Her dreams of getting an education was about to end.

I was unsettled. I got home and told my dad. He was touched. He offered to help. And he did. My friend was not thrown out of school. And yes, she completed her education.

Fast forward to a few years later, as I began my journey to the University. I happened to school faraway from home, and each time I embarked on that journey to school, my father will call me aside and pray for me.

Years have passed, but I still remember those prayers and how I journeyed throughout my years in school without any sort of mishap or tragedy. I am also aware that those prayers sustained me even in my darkest hours.

I also still have clear memories from my childhood of my father always being there for us.

How he will pick us up from school everyday, drop us off at home and go back to work.

How we looked forward to Friday treats at a supermarket close to home.

How he prayed over me when I was very sick as a young child.

How he will take his time to get involved with our school work and activities.

How he fought through every difficult season valiantly.

How he showed us that your family always comes first.

And yes, children never really forget….

You see , life is a circle of lessons and you can open your heart to learn irrespective of who the teacher is.

I have learnt from my father, many life lessons over the years. And not just from him but from the men in my life.

My father taught me a lot about hope, resilience, giving and faith in God.

I watched him wait on God for answers, I watched him remain hopeful in the midst of difficulty, I watched him fight many battles on his knees. And these lessons I carry everyday in my heart.

My husband came along and taught me what it means to Love😍😍, the power of compassion, the importance of gratitude and the audacity of hope.

My brothers have been with me all my life. I have walked with them and I have learnt about the power of focus and determination, the beauty of grace, the faithulness of God and the gift of a large heart.

My father in-law has also shared many stories from his life with me. And from those stories , I have learnt that anything is possible, if you are willing to give it your all.

He always tells me about the rewards of hard- work and determination. And why parents must make giving their children a sound education priority.

His life mirrors the beauty of humility and reveals the fruits of contentment.

My son showed up several years ago and taught me a lot about selflessness.

He came into my world and show me love what love is in new ways. His laughter lights up hope in my heart. His presence gives me many reasons never to give up.

I walk through life daily and want to learn everyday from people, stories and from LIFE itself.

Your life is a circle of lessons. Some lessons will communicate deep truths, some will make you a better person, while others will give you bricks to build a better tomorrow.

The boys of today are the fathers that will lead tomorrow.

The little boy you once cuddled close to your heart is the man that will raise a family and build or break the next generation.

His life matters.

His values matter.

His words matter.

His leadership matters.

His influence matters.

What lessons will he leave for the next generation?

Think about it!

Many Hugs,


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