The Day You Are Born Vs Why You Are Born.


So I stumbled on this interesting quote by Mark Twain and it really does strike a chord. When we are born and why we were born?

On the arrival of a new-born, there’s lots of celebration and excitement in the air, a child has come to brighten up our lives. We rejoice and have high hopes and dreams for this new gift we have been given.

The day you are born remains a very special day hence the annual birthday celebrations. You arrived and you are opportune to live, love and make a difference in the world. It’s indeed a day worth celebrating. But how about why you were born?

Mark Twain states that the 2nd most important day in your life is when you find out why you were born.


Were you born just to pass through life unnoticed? What is your mission on earth?Why were you born?  Why are you here? It’s a question worth pondering and finding answers to.

Everyone of us was born for a reason. We are not in the world to add numbers, we came to add value to humanity, to make a difference in our generation and to make the world a better place. So why were you born? When you find out, it will also be a day worth celebrating.

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