Sibling Love and the Bond That Holds Us Together.

About 12 years ago, my elder brother laid still on a hospital bed somewhere in the ever busy and bustling city of Lagos. His eyes were shut and his body motionless, but you could see from a distance the silent rise and fall of his chest. His heart was beating but there were no words spoken and no movements felt.  He was in a coma and silence had become his companion.

He must have been fighting silently to stay alive as he has no memory of what happened till this day. He remained that way for over a week while my parents and younger brother watched anxiously for any sign of consciousness.

I was in Delta state, Nigeria en-route Calabar in Cross River state when my sister and I got the news of his involvement in a car accident. He survived! That was enough hope to hold on to.

The first name he called on regaining consciousness was that of my younger brother. And even though he lost his memory for sometime, he never forgot any member of his family at any point. He is alive and well today and a great reminder of God’s goodness and the importance of family and the many  bonds that we share.

I have heard stories of how some siblings put their lives on hold just to be there for a brother or sister in his/her trying moment. My younger brother was in the hospital with my elder brother throughout his stay there. From being the first person by his side when he came out of a coma, to being with him till he was strong enough to go back home and also following him for later hospital visits. He was willing to do it for a brother in his trying moment.

I was in the market a few days ago and I watched as two older siblings doted over their baby brother who was not feeling too well. The little boy was weak and sleepy and could barely sit up. His 8 year old sister cuddled him and spoke a word of prayer to him while the older boy held him close and said to him, you will be well soon. I was touched and told the mother that seeing how her children showed love and care to each other touched a deep part of my heart. She smiled!

A brother or sister will journey with you throughout your life time. You will get to share, laugh, play, cry sometimes and even make great memories together. Some siblings will stand by you, stand up for you and even stand against you.

Yet love must never be lost amongst siblings. Parents must also make it a duty to teach their little ones to always care for one another. And it all begins with the little things like listening to them when they talk, soothing them when they cry, showing compassion and speaking encouraging words to each other.

You were chosen to be a brother or sister to that sibling. Your journey together has been filled with great memories and many life lessons. You may have even been brought closer by your experiences, while hope was rekindled by many encouraging words spoken.

Perhaps you and your siblings had a turbulent childhood, memories of which fill your heart with pain and regret. There was no love felt and all you could hold on to was that tiny spark of light in your dark tunnel. You all grew up as broken people and still find it hard to open up your heart to love. Yet the bonds that you share will remain deep, because even in your darkest hour, you all survived and are still standing.

And it maybe that love has been lost between you and that brother or sister, and you have not even spoken to each other for years. Find a little courage to mend those broken fences and let love heal deep wounds. You are bound together for a reason, born to the same family for a purpose and will only be held together for a season. Never forget that,

Memories were made.

Values were shared.

Tears were shed.

Love came alive.

Hope was restored.

Battles were won.

And victories were and will still be celebrated.

This is the bond that holds us together.

Bonds of Hope, bonds of triumph, bonds of laughter, bonds of courage, bonds of faith and bonds of love that must never be broken.

Will you as a mother promise to raise children who will stand by each other and always be there for each other?

How much impact has a sibling had over your life?

What unforgettable memory do you have of your sibling?

What would you like to say to your brother or sister right now?

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  1. Liz Giertz says:

    Beautiful! What a tribute to your family! My sister and I finally started to appreciate the bond we share in our late 20s… Blessings!

    1. I am so happy for you and your sister. Thanks for stopping by.

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