She Is Who She Is

She walks through the lonely paths of this new season of her life.

She gives her all as she navigates new terrains along this path.

She works tirelessly each day just to earn enough to take them through each day.

She leaps over mountains and hills just to give them wings to fly.

She fights through seasons of fear and anxiety just to keep them safe and calm.

She holds back her emotions daily, yet the tears still find their way freely through closed eyes, trickling down her face and showing the world her pain.

She grabs her priceless gems close to her heart each night and tells them that they will make it through these times.

She looks up to the skies and whispers silently into the dark, hoping someone can hear her silent cries.

She watches the silent rise and fall of her children’s chest as they sleep, and finds comfort in the peace that comes with each breath they take.

She turns to her side and murmurs some words within her as her eyes touch in symphony, quietly shutting out the world around her.

She is woman.

She is mother.

She is the picture sitting in a frame.

She is a story found within the pages of book.

She is a song whose lyrics never die.

She is a movie whose end always lives you speechless.

She is who she is.

Broken but not completely shattered.

Widowed but not withered.

Abused but not defeated.

Helpless but never giving up.

She walks on in paths unknown,

Holding her children by her side,

Looking beyond this present moment,

Embracing the beauty of tomorrow with faith.

She is woman.

She is mother.

She is the one whom through life comes.

And she will always be there to light her children’s path.

© 2020, Fijabi Ufuoma

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  1. Edwin Odokuma says:

    Poetically presented. She is indeed, who she is…. a Mother.

    1. Ufuoma Fijabi says:

      Thank you Dad.

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