Prayer Seeds – Who/What Can Shield You on All Sides?


Did you know that an armour is one of the most important part of every soldier’s equipment?

This remains true today, as it was for the Roman soldiers from thousands of years ago.

The technology of the armour may have changed but the ultimate aim remains, protecting the soldier during battle. And a shield was one of the most important piece of the ancient Roman soldier’s armour.

A shield is a piece of personal armour held in the hand or mounted on the wrist or forearm. Shields are used to intercept specific attacks, whether from close-ranged weaponry or projectiles such as arrows by means of active blocks.

Now you imagine a Roman soldier with his shield,sword and spear, geared up and ready for battle.

He charges towards his enemy with great energy, holding his shield close to his chest. He is fearless in pursuit of his victory. His shield is also ready to protect him from all the arrows shot at him by his opponent.

Sometimes these Roman soldiers form a solid defence with their armor. They kneel with one leg raised and the other holding them up.

They are closely knit together with their shields held up as a strong and immovable defence. They are ready to defend their territory with every ounce of strength in their bodies. Their shield has become a strong defence roundabout them.

This is what it looks like when this ‘word seed’ says God is a shield for you.

But thou, O Lord , art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.
Psalms 3:3 KJV

But you, God , shield me on all sides; You ground my feet, you lift my head high; With all my might I shout up to God , His answers thunder from the holy mountain.
Psalm 3:3‭-‬4 MSG

David spoke these words when he fled from Absalom his son. He said to God, you shield me on all sides.

Do you know that God can shield your children on all sides?

Just as the Roman soldiers of old went to war, holding their shields as a sure form of protection against attack from their adversaries.

Now you imagine that shield positioned to protect your child, closing him up at every angle. This is what it means when God says he is a shield for you.

He has become the shield and can shield the minds of your child/children protecting them from every evil, perverse and negative thought.

God can shield their souls and bodies protecting them from every attack of the enemy.

God can shield them daily on all sides as they navigate the murky waters of life. So will you take a moment today to pray or speak this ‘word seed’ over the life of your child.

Can you plant this word seed in the lives of your child/children today?

Prayer Seed

I thank you father because you will shield………………… on all sides. You will shield ……………heart from the wickedness and evil that plagues the world.

Lord I thank you for always being a shield for…………….. every single day of his life. You are his sure protection in the unseen battles over his destinyand life. You stand firm in …………. midst and shield him on every side.

Thank you Lord for being a shield to………… on all sides. Amen!

Remember there is power in a seed called God’s word.

Many Hugs,


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