Prayer Seeds – The Greatest Teacher You Will Ever Meet


Do you remember sitting in the lecture hall at the University bored and counting seconds while staring blankly into space?

You were eager to leave the hall and lecturer whose teaching made learning look like a chore. His lectures left you worn out and wondering if you will ever truly grasp his subject in depth.

But then, you also have some classes that got you all excited. You always ensured that you made it to the front row, just because you were so sure that knowledge will be impacted. This is what being taught by a great and not- so-great teacher looks like.

Did you know that God teaches his children as well? And I bet you will agree with me that he is a great teacher, perhaps the greatest teacher of all time.

He teaches via stories, nature, counsel, his word and through people. He even reveals secrets when you get to experience his live masterclasses.

If God is a teacher, then he can teach your children about who he is and why they are here as they journey through life. I stumbled on this ‘seed word’ sometime ago and it says,

“Teach me to do Your will [so that I may please You], For You are my God; Let Your good Spirit lead me on level ground.”

The world is so full of distractions and perversion right now and one of the best things you can do for your child is to pray for him/her.

The psalmist saw God as his teacher and spoke those words to him. Will you speak those words in prayer today over your child/children?

Take a moment and plant this word seed in the life of your child/children today.

Lord teach ……………… to do your will all the days of his/his life. Open his/her heart to learn and listen for your counsel at all times.

Lord teach ……………. to do that which pleases you alone. Teach him/her to walk in that path which you have chosen for him/her.

Lord teach ……………. to love you, to know you and to walk with you. Teach him/her to see what your will is for their lives.

Lord teach……………. to do only your will and that which you desire for his/his life. Thank you father for being a light and guide in my child’s life.

Remember that there is power in a seed called God’s word.

Many Hugs,


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