The Power Of Compassion (1)

I once read about a boy from India, Mahendra Ahirwar who suffered from a rare condition called congenital myopathy, a condition that made his neck muscles weak, making his head hang at a 180-degree angle. His mother bathed, fed and dressed him. He couldn’t go to school like other children his age.

And then I read about a woman, a mother from the UK, Julie Jones. This teenager’s story touched her a lot and she decided to do something about it. Julie set up a crowd-funding page for Mehandra in a bid to raise money for a surgery that could give him a new lease of life. Within 28 days, the page had raised 12,000 pounds.

Two continents apart and the power of compassion is felt deeply. It simply flows from one woman’s world to a young boy’s heart. Mehandra had surgery and was able to sit with his head hanging upright. But sadly, he passed away 8-months after his life changing surgery.

We are two worlds apart, different in the colour of our skin and even in our beliefs, our languages may not even sound alike, yet compassion can break these boundaries.

Many are sick while others are dying, thousands of children go through each day with little or no education, as many daily flee their war-torn countries in search of a better future. Some broken, others without hope and many deeply in need of encouragement. Now is the time to turn on the power of compassion.

It only takes a word, a gift, a hug, a smile, a donation, a prayer and your influence to light up someone’s world. Let us turn on the power of compassion.

Inage Credit: Daily Mail

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