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My Opinion On Cesarean Section – Precious Omadi

My name is Omadi Precious and I am currently a medical student at Niger Delta University. I am also a medical content creator and I write educative content on my page @ Omadi’s Medical Hub.

I will be sharing my perspective about C-section as a medical student.

Woman A: I will never have my child through C-section. Are you saying that the doctor will cut me open to bring out my child? What if I die on that operating table?

Woman B: I want to have my child through a C-section. I feel it is safe and less stressful. How do women even go through labor pains? I do no think that I have to go through all that drama when there is a better option.

Above are the opinions and views of two young women who are pregnant and few months away from their delivery dates. Woman A expresses her deep fears about having a C-section, while Woman B is opting for an Elective C-section.

There have been several other reactions as well as myths surrounding this topic ‘C-SECTION’. A C-section is usually recommended by medical practitioners when vaginal delivery might pose a risk to the mother or baby. It is also sometimes carried out for personal reasons on maternal request.

Although a C-section also has its disadvantages, it remains a necessary practice in order to save the life of the mother and child, especially in times of an emergency.

There are reasons why your Doctor may recommend a C-section. They include the following but are not limited to these. There are several other reasons, but I’ll leave you with these few.

1. Abnormal presentation of baby ( breech positioning)
2. Prolonged labor
3. Complications associated with the placenta.
4. Hypertension
5. Fetal macrosomia ( babies weight is high)
6. Failed vaginal delivery.

This is a plea to our mothers and fathers, yes fathers, because there are cases of husbands who refuse to sign the consent form, so that the doctor can carry out a C-section on their wives. I want you to know that a C-section is not a bad idea and it is not a practice to hurt your belief system.

Also, the doctors are not intentionally recommending a C-section to extort money from you. Sometimes a C-section is a game-changer when bringing a child into the world.

Please reconsider and seek information before you throw away the idea of having a C-section, it might be the only way out to save the mother and her baby.

Thank you.

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