On Motherhood, Life and Purpose.



I am Ufuoma.

I am a wife.

I am a mother.

I love to write.

I like sowing seeds of hope, faith, love and courage.

I also think out loud a lot on paper.

Motherhood is a gift and a great privilege. I became a mother some years back and with this new role came an awareness of the great responsibility given to me. I have always known that mothers sacrifice a lot for their children but you may not fully understand it until you become a mother yourself.


With this new role are many questions and fears, but what if we choose courage and live out the true purpose of motherhood. Greatness is in every child, it only depends on what we choose to see within them. Your words, thoughts and actions will always show on your children; who they become has a lot to do with the values you instilled in them.

What an awesome task ahead of us, but with lots of faith, courage and determination, we can do the extraordinary. We are all Mothers Of Greatness and destiny beckons on us. Whether it be a special child, one gone astray or a growing child. In every child is that potential for greatness.

Life inspires me. Hope inspires me. Courage inspires me. Love inspires me. Marriage inspires me and Motherhood inspires me.

Everyday I draw inspiration from people’s stories, victories and triumphs. I find that inspiration hearing the sound of my children’s laughter. Inspiration comes alive from little conversations with my husband. I also learn to draw out some inspiration from life’s hassles, failures and challenges.

I am here to live, to give, to love and to inspire yet God remains my greatest inspiration. Follow me on this journey to inspire and be inspired.

Many hugs,


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  1. Motherhood is such an amazing inspiration to find the best within yourself for your child. Love your sense of sharing that very inspiration. I am a mom and step-mom and have felt a very similar inspiration, the ability to improve one self and be best example for our kids. I share some of what I have grown to learn and encourage on my blog. I also love delving into the true psychology and healthy thinking we all, not just mothers, can benefit from. Here is my most recent post and feel free to check out the rest of my blog!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and I am glad you are finding that inspiration in your motherhood journey.

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