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My C-Section Story

I remember seeing my daughter for the first time, snuggled up in my husband’s arms after my C-section. She was like a ray of sunlight breaking forth through a dark cloud.

At that moment, I forgot the pains I was feeling, ignored the heaviness in my head and disregarded the tiredness in my body.

I was just happy and grateful to see my baby alive and well after a tiring 9-month journey. I was also glad to be alive after opting for a C-section when a scan revealed a case of Placenta Previa.

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Today many women have lost their lives and babies just because they ignored the doctor’s advice to have a C-section especially in this part of the world where I come from.

Some listened to their pastor’s counsel that a C-section was not their portion and that they will deliver like the ‘Hebrew woman’. They ended up losing their lives and that of their baby.

There are also a group of mothers-to-be who have no idea what a C-section is, and why sometimes it is a life saver.

The question then is, how do you let mothers-to-be and women especially in Africa know the whys and benefits of having a C-section.

April is C-section Awareness Month and our opportunity is here once again to educate and enlighten women and their spouses about the life saving benefits of having a C-section.

This month, we will be sharing C-section stories of different women, tagged under the blog series ‘My C-section Story’.

These stories will help you dispel the myths flying around about C-sections, and also open your eyes to see how a C-section can sometimes be the game changer when bringing a child into this world.

It is also our  little way of educating, encouraging and supporting women who are about to walk this path.

So what was your C-section experience like?

We will love to read from you in the comments section.

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