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My C-section Story – Stella Osiki Ogunbiyi

My name is Stella Osiki Ogunbiyi. I am a Sociologist and a mother of two. I have decided to share my C-section story to enlighten other women.

I became pregnant in 2013 after a painful miscarriage the previous year. I was happy that I was pregnant again. The pregnancy was a smooth one for me as there was no issue or sickness during this time.

My scans also showed that everything was okay with me and the baby. But on 14th of August 2014, my water broke and my husband and I decided to go to the hospital. Being a first-time mum, no one told me what to expect should the baby decide not to come out on its own.

I stayed for hours in the hospital without feeling labour pains, then the doctor decided to induce me. That was the beginning of excruciating pain for me which refused to stop.

The doctors and nurses kept checking me out, but my cervix refused to dilate. I was in the hospital for almost 3 days in serious pain. In the early hours of 17th August, 2014, the consultant and some other doctors around decided to perform an emergency C-section in order to safe my life and that of my baby. This became necessary when my cervix refused to open up.

I was happy about their decision because I was already weak from the pains and my baby’s heartbeat was going down. But I was also scared and worried as I was being wheeled into the theater. But the doctors assured me that all will be well.

The whole process was smooth and my baby was brought out, but I didn’t hear him cry. The nurses took him to another room and were able to resuscitate him. My heart was filled with so much joy when they brought him to me. I was very happy that we both survived. The healing process was amazing as I had my mum by my side assuring me that it’s not a crime to give birth through C-section.

A C-section is not a death sentence, money wasting venture or laziness on the part of the woman as some people believe. It is a way of saving lives. Let us listen to our doctors when they examine us and book us for the operation.

If I had known earlier I would have opted for it earlier rather than going through pain for days before finally going for an emergency C-section. Funnily enough, I had my second baby through a vaginal birth.

Please sisters, do not listen to people when they say lazy women are the ones that have a C-section, prove them wrong by telling them that in as much as you have carried a baby in your womb for 9-months, you are a strong woman.

Also, let us always plan and put some money aside when we are pregnant because anything can happen. I have heard of some men refusing to sign the consent form for their wife to be operated on. Some even refuse to pay the hospital bill.

So, please put some money aside and make sure you have a family member close to you that you can call on, should your husband refuse to sign the consent form. Your life is precious and you need to be alive to take care of your children.

Thank you.

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