When Mothers Pray

When Mothers Pray shows you the importance and power of prayer in a mother’s life using four stories from the bible.

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Dear Mother: 30 Days of Fresh Inspiration for Your Motherhood Walk

Imagine if every mother embraced her role. Imagine how much impact she can make in the lives of her children.

While this role of being a mother comes with many questions and fears, you can find wisdom and clarity  when you seek to know the true purpose of motherhood.

Dear Mother is a simple book that takes you on a journey of 30 days of inspiration for your motherhood walk. It speaks to the soul and heart of every mother, making her come alive in her new role and ministry of motherhood.

These are simply words from the heart of one mother to encourage, inspire, support and lift you on this journey of building lives and shaping destinies.

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14 Inspirational Thoughts For Teens

My Free e-book gift to Teenagers

Maybe you have a teenager as a child right now. Or you know a teenager somewhere close to home. This is a perfect e-book that you can gift them. And guess what. It is totally free. It is a gift from me to inspire and challenge the next generation.

Did you know that the teenage years are years of self-discovery and great exploration?

You will as a teenager at this time in your life want to make your own decisions, do things your way and navigate life on your own terms.

This book will inspire you to find your true self as a teenager and give you the courage to choose a life of purpose.

From fighting temptations to answering one of life’s most important question, ‘Why am I here?, you will find all the inspiration that you need to become the best version of yourself.

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Why You Mother: Discover the real reason why God made you a mother

This e-book will take you on a journey of discovering what it means to be a mother.

When a mother sets out on a journey in search of her missing kids with no particular destination in mind, it can be a heart-breaking experience.

She is broken, clueless, helpless and lost for words. But do you know that this is what motherhood can look like when you do not understand ‘why you are a mother’?

This book will help you re-discover who you are as a mother. You will know why you are here. And also find out what happens when you choose to embrace your role as a builder of lives and destinies.

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