Let Your Heart Whisper These Words – Thank You Lord

I stood in the rain yesterday and guess what I did. I gazed into the sky and let the rain droplets trickle down my face – and I giggled out loud as memories of my little self playing in the rain flashed through my mind from many years ago.

I walked on in the rain and let the waters from the sky hug me close. I stole a moment and looked back at yesteryears  -and how I have always loved the soulful sound of rain droplets falling from the sky. It always feels like music to my ears.

And then, in that one moment, I let my heart whisper these words ‘thank you’ Lord for the rain- and for the inspiration and calm it brings to my soul.

Can you hear the noise all around the world? Stories of loss, grief, pain, hate fill the atmosphere with fear and confusion.

Families sink in a state of hopelessness and helplessness. Some are mourning, some are broken from their loss and some are overwhelmed from the news and happenings all around them.

Yet in the midst of this noise and confusion, there is a trickle of light in this darkness, a word of encouragement and a peace from within that calms my soul.

And so, I let my heart whisper these words – ‘thank you’ Lord for the breath of life and for the gift of still being among the living.

This is a new season of our existence. We are walking in uncharted territory – journeying in paths we have never walked before. Can you feel the wind of change and droplets of fear swaying in the air?

A pandemic came and changed our world.
Who would have ever thought that humans will ever socially distance themselves – just to stay safe and free from a disease.

Who would have ever thought that there will be a time and season when little children will wear nose masks as a routine, as they struggle to accept the new normal in their lives.

Who would have ever thought that many will find their true love, and that families will be brought closer and the faith of many rekindled – all because they were held bound together in a lockdown for weeks and months unending.

But together, we can feel the effects in our everyday lives and can see clearly how our lives have changed – all because of a disease called Covid-19.

Yet in this pandemic, I will daily FIGHT my FEARS. I will find my RIVER of PEACE. I will CHOOSE gratitude today and everyday. I will SEEK comfort in the arms of my heavenly father who loves me more than I can ever know.

And I will let my heart whisper these words – ‘thank you’ Lord for today, for tomorrow and for every other day.

And yes, you can let your heart whisper these words too.

Let your heart whisper ‘thank you’ to he who holds the world in his hands.

Let your heart whisper ‘thank you’ for the air that you breathe and the life that God alone gives.

Let your heart whisper ‘thank you’ for the good and little things in your life.

Let your heart whisper ‘thank you’ for the endless streams of miracles and the rivers of God’s kindness you have seen and experienced.

Let your heart whisper ‘thank you’ Lord even in your darkest places and deepest worries of your soul.

Let your heart whisper ‘thank you’ Lord, when the words are hard to say and the tears never seem to end.

Let your heart whisper ‘thank you’ to he who holds you close and will never let you go.

Let your heart whisper ‘thank you’ to God who rules over the earth and guides the affairs of men.

My heart whispers ‘ thank you’ Lord to my heavenly father and friend who calms my weary soul and gives me hope for a brand new day – even as I travel this journey called LIFE.

Will you let your heart whisper those simple words today?

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