Is your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

My Jewish friend Lisa Leshaw once shared this story about her father.

So where are we going to go today?” This was my Dad’s way of looking at his proverbial glass as half-full.

In her words: My father had a cancer diagnosis and although he was confined to a hospital bed, he found a way to be grateful and joyous and appreciative of the littlest of things.

He knew that unlike most of the patients around him he still had his faculties and ability to speak and hug and be loved and enjoy a good steak sandwich or pastrami on rye (snuck in by me as often as I could.).

His question about where we were going didn’t refer to a specific location (in the hospital) but rather of our shared memories. Each morning we would ‘go’ to a different place together and relive every moment of that time we had with each other.” He chose to see his glass as half -full. The table is yours now.

Is your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Perhaps you are on a journey of new beginnings and things don’t seem to be working out exactly the way you planned it. Never ever despise your little beginnings. Just say this to yourself today – My glass is half full.

Or it maybe that you are struggling hard to put those ideas together and it still doesn’t seem to make sense. Ignore the negatives voices in your head saying that you can’t make it happen. Refuse to see your glass as half empty. Rather say this to yourself today – My glass is half full.

Are you having a hard day on the job or at home with the kids? Look away from the emptiness, challenges and difficulties. Catch that ray of hope in the darkness.

Remember that you can choose what your glass cup looks like.

Is it half-full or half -empty?

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