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Inspiring Hope Poetry Collection- Memories!

Many years ago, before marriage and the kids, I used to write poetry. They were words that flowed from my heart, my life, my questions, my thoughts, my environment, my imagination, my relationship with God and the people in my life. And then I took a long break.

This year I am hoping to get back to writing poetry as the words come to heart. Perhaps those words will bless a soul and inspire hope and faith in someone’s heart.

Inspiring Hope Poetry Collection – Memories!

Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds will continue in others. – Rosa Parks


In the deafening silence of the night.
When darkness hits the sky,
And midnight creatures arise from their hiding places.
When many are lost in the sweet melody of sleep,
And oblivious of the world around.

When the world feels quiet,
And the mind seems to focus more.
Then the memories come flooding.
In pictures, in the words and in unforgettable conversations.


In the home we once shared.
The sound of your footsteps.
The richness of your laughter.
The gift of your presence.
The joy and gratitude that flowed from your heart to ours.

Now everywhere seems silent.
The sofa is empty and the news channel has no one to listen intently.
Then the memories come rushing.
Like rainfall on a windy night.
Like lightning bursting forth through the clouds.
Like the sun rising in the east.


In the stories you often shared.
How you cherished the memory of your grandmother.
How a simple bet motivated your drive for academic excellence.
How hard work and determination created pathways for you.
How education mattered to you.
And why it remains one of the best legacies you can give your children.

Then the memories are awakened.
Of the rich wisdom in your words.
Of the endless lessons in your stories.
Of the messages left for the next generation.


Of the life you once lived.
The person and the presence.
The heart and the giver.
The father and the friend.
The companion and supporter.

Simple and Content.
Humble and Kind.
Brilliant with an excellent memory of events.
Happy with a heart full of gratitude.

And the memories rise up within me.
Of the value you brought into our world.
Of the love you so freely gave.
Of the silent impact you made in our lives.


Of you left to last us for a lifetime.
And we will never forget.

There are memories that time does not erase. Forever does not make loss forgettable, only bearable. – Cassandra Clare

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