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Inspiring Hope Poetry Collection- Glory of God!

Many years ago, before marriage and the kids, I used to write poetry. They were words that flowed from my heart, my life, my questions, my thoughts, my environment, my imagination, my relationship with God and the people in my life. And then I took a long break.

This year I am hoping to get back to writing poetry as the words come to heart. Perhaps those words will bless a soul and inspire hope and faith in someone’s heart.

Inspiring Hope Poetry Collection- Glory of God!

What is the glory of God? It is who God is. It is the essence of His nature; the weight of His importance; the radiance of His splendor; the demonstration of His power; the atmosphere of His presence.Rick Warren

The Glory of God,
His Boundless grace,
His Unlimited favor,
His eternal love.

From his heavenly throne,
We are covered in abundant grace,
We are surrounded with his favor,
We are immersed in his love.

Now we behold his glory,
With unveiled faces,
Transformed into his image,
From one level of glory to another.

The glory of God the father,
We have seen this glory,
Jesus Christ alive in us,
Together sharing in God’s glory.

May God’s glory fill this temple.
May God’s glory be your rear guard.
May God’s glory fill the whole earth.
Yes! the glory of God shall be revealed.

The created universe is all about glory. The deepest longing of the human heart and the deepest meaning of heaven and earth are summed up in this; the glory of God. The universe was made to show it, and we were made to see it and savor it. Nothing less will do. Which is why the world is as disordered and dysfunctional as it is. We have exchanged the glory of God for other things. John Piper

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Image Credit:  Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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