How A Blind Woman Welcomed Her Child to The World

“My eyes dey open. I dey see my pikin” ~Pidgin English

“I can see. Yes, I can see my child.”~ English

But this is how a blind woman welcomed her child into the world. Powerful words spoken during the birthing process.

Imagine a woman whose eyes are shut to the beauty and awesomeness of God’s creation.

Imagine how much she wishes to see that ray of light that brings life to the whole world.

Imagine how much she wishes she could see how her body has changed with each trimester of carrying a life inside her.

Imagine how much she wonders what her child will look like when he arrives the world.

Imagine how her fingers will gently stroke his hair, as her other senses come alive to behold God’s grace and love in her child.

Imagine the words she will speak to her child, even though she may never get to see what he looks like.

Imagine the tears and joy that will come, when this blind woman finally becomes a mother.

You just imagine for a moment.

But then,

I have never met a blind pregnant woman. I have also never seen or held a baby born by a blind woman. But someone I know did and she shared this experience sometime ago.

She is popularly called Nurse Preggy (Emmanuella Inah) on Facebook, and she is a licensed nurse and midwife who is lighting up the world in her own little way.

While still living in Nigeria, she shared once about when a friend told her about the bad state of the Primary Health Care Center in her village. She went on and volunteered to work in that community for two months. And it was there that she met a blind pregnant woman for the first time.

She described the blind pregnant woman this way, – ‘Her aura was nothing like I had experienced recently and her words were selected. She trusted me.’

Nurse Preggy said, ‘And just when this blind pregnant woman was about 8cm dilated in labor, that intense moment when words fail you, this blind pregnant woman who was about to become a mother began to speak. And she spoke these words in pidgin English.

“My eyes dey open. I dey see my pikin. All the things I be no fit do. You go over do them. You go be my eyes, you go see road, you go win, failure no be your own.” ~Pidgin English

” My eyes are open. I can see my child. All that I have been unable to do and accomplish, you will do much more. You will be the eyes through which I will see the world. You will have a vision for your life. You will achieve and do great things. Failure will be far from you.” ~English

And this is how one woman welcomed her child into the world. She was deep in the birthing process, overwhelmed by the pains of labor, yet she chose to speak words of hope and faith into her child’s life.

What words are you daily speaking into your child’s life? What seeds will you plant with your words the moment your baby is brought into your arms? What words are you speaking over the children God has entrusted into you hands? What life-giving words are you uttering over your children today?

The ball is in your court now. Choose to speak life, blessings and encouragement over your children always.

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision”. Helen Keller

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”-  Helen Keller

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