Hey Momma, What Are You Grateful For?


” Do not worry Oga, you can say all you want now, but one thing I know is that there is hope for a tree that is cut down. Even though it may take time, it will surely grow again. ”

Those words were spoken by my mother many years ago. She came home that evening from her trading business and shared with us about her not-so-good day.

It was a challenging season in her life and she had stumbled on those hope- filled words in a magazine some time ago. So when her creditor set out to embarrass her on that particular day, she replied him with those same words. Her hope was reborn.

Do you know that there is always hope for a tree that is cut down? It either gets the opportunity to sprout again or its parts processed for better use.

My mother was grateful for the gift of life at that moment. She was grateful for her family at that point. She did not have all that she desired, but she had a home to go to, she had a family she could laugh with and share whatever was available to eat with.

She was alive and healthy and so were her husband and children. She held on to hope and kept faith for a beautiful tomorrow. Yes, she told us with a smile that night again, that there is hope for a tree that is cut down, it will surely sprout again.

So if I may ask you momma, what are you grateful for? It is a few days to the end of the year and looking back, perhaps all you see are unachieved goals, broken dreams, trauma, untold hardship, pain, betrayal, failed relationships, sudden tragedies, bitterness and hopelessness.

Will you stop for a moment and think about just one thing that you are grateful for?

Life is made of simple priceless moments and until you can sit still, then you will appreciate, see and feel the beauty and blessings of each moment.

I ask you again momma, what are you grateful for?

Diapers to change.

A husband that cares for you and the kids.

A family to cook meals for.

Children to laugh and play with.

A noisy home to go to.

A daughter’s hair to weave.

A son with feet you can buy shoes for.

An outspoken and intelligent child to challenge your intellect.

Tiny sets of teeth to brush day and night.

Little minds to have conversations with.

Hands to soothe and comfort a sick child.

Arms big enough to embrace your little treasures.

A heart full of love to give and serve.

What are you grateful ‘mama’, ‘mummy’, ‘mother, momma’?

Many Hugs,


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