Hey Momma, I Think It Is Time For You To Declutter


“Declutter : To remove clutter from, to tidy.”

I have and still have a habit of giving away things. My mother can testify from way back that some of all those things she kept hidden away, for no specific purpose risked being given away anytime I was around.

I obviously never got used to the act of keeping and keeping things that you know clearly in your heart you would not be using again. I simply loved that breathe of fresh air that came with decluttering.

Few years ago, I cleared out a lot of my first child’s clothes and belongings that I had kept in anticipation of birthing another child.

But days became months and months became years and there was no baby in sight. So I made a decision to declutter and give away most of those things.

You may have walked into a disorganised home at least once in your lifetime. You get to see piles and heaps of all manner of stuff stacked up in different parts of the house. It is always an uphill task when one of the occupants of that home loses something and needs to find it.

He/She gets confused at the state of disorderliness aka jumbled up stuff, and he/she does not even know where to start searching. But do you know that this is what the mind and heart of some mothers look like. Their minds are messed up and in an untidy state with so much junk within.

But how then does a mother with a messy state of mind get to inspire her children for greatness?

How then does a mother whose home is in a state of disorderliness teach her children about cleanliness and the benefits of being organised?

How then can a mother learn to love her home and breath when life seems to choke her, while her home is in a complete state of disarray?

You will agree with me that living in a spacious home gives you room to neatly stack away things that you may not be needing soon. But I believe that even when you have very little space, you can get creative and make your home a tidy haven where love, peace and joy lives.

So can I ask you this my dear mother, don’t you think it is time to declutter?

Maybe it is time to sit alone and rid your mind and soul of all the webs of deceit, circles of unbelief, chains of fearfulness and the fruitlessness of journeying with no specific goal or purpose in mind.

Maybe it is time to clean out the mess from yesterday and chart a new path for your life. Maybe it is time to set yourself free from the torment and start all over again.

Maybe it is time to clean out the anger, pain and bitterness from your soul. Perhaps it is time to clean out and tidy up your home, give away stuff and this may just be the inspiration you need to keep living.

I can boldly tell you that there is a joy that comes with giving out stuff that you no longer need. It won’t hurt to let another person who needs it use it.

There is a gratitude that comes with seeing how far you have come and the memories that come alive as you tidy up your home.

There is a peace that lives in your home when things are in an organised state. Imagine your husband showing up everyday to a tidy home irrespective of little kids present. You will discover a new side to your husband you never knew existed.

There is also a certain kind of inspiration that flows in a neat and orderly place. You get to experience a daily flow of inspiration and gain deep insights on living .

So momma, I think it is time for you to declutter.

Pick out a day to clean out your home. Tidy out your wardrobes. Sort out things you no longer need or use that can be valuable to someone else.

Take down those curtains and wash them. Vacuum that carpet that you have not swept in weeks. Clear out your children’s rooms and give away toys and books they no longer need. It may just kick start another child’s love for reading.

Sort your clothes and give away all those clothes you haven’t worn in ages. It may just give room for more lovely things.

Take a moment also to clear out your mind. A disorganised mind can never get much done. Be intentional about clearing out the junk in your mind.

Will you take some time out today to sit still and filter out negative and depressing thoughts from your mind?

Remember also to watch what your mind feeds on and discover the light that shines through, when your mind is in a clean state.

So have you ever decluttered? What feeling did you get after the whole exercise?

Will you choose a day to declutter your mind and home? Remember to share with us what that experience taught you.

Many Hugs,


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