Friendships, Moments and Memories(2)

Are you seizing the moments in your friendships to make great memories and to leave deep and lasting impressions?

It is true that some friends will be with you throughout your lifetime. Others will walk with you for a time, season and moment, while some will stay with you all but for a short season and leave you with deep lasting impressions. I will share a story of three friends.

A Story of Three Friends

Aaijay was that joyful friend and life of the party. Her creativity and kindness was always a source of inspiration. She always left you better than she met you with her boisterous and optimistic spirit. Vivy was the cheerful one with a bright smile. She also had an excellent command of the English language and a health challenge no one would ever wish to live through. I was the third friend – calm, a great listener and huge encourager. And life brought us together,

Aaijay helped to nurse Vivy back to life during a near death experience in her lifelong battle with SCD. While I was a strong source of support and encouragement for Aaijay when she had an accident that left her in crutches for sometime. Aaijay gave Vivy wings of hope and faith. I gave Aaijay some words of encouragement to keep her sane in her difficult season. And while Aaijay was the string that connected me and Vivy, the church was that place and space where I and Aaijay’s path crossed.

Today, both Aaijay and Vivy have gone home to be with the Lord. November is also that month of the year when one was born and the other journeyed back to heaven. But I will always remember the moments shared and the good memories they left me with.

Aaijay taught me a lot about living fearlessly, giving selflessly and digging deeply to find the gifts, talents and abilities bestowed on you by God. Vivy taught me a lot about having a heart full of gratitude in the midst of pain and trusting God even when your miracle never comes.

A true friend accepts who you are, but also helps you become who you should be. Unknown

Did you know that God brings friends into your life for a reason? Some come to teach you, lift you, hold you, encourage and support you. While some will challenge you, motivate you, cry with you, laugh with you, listen to you, correct you and even fight you sometimes. However, in the end, what matters is who that friend is, the role she has to play in your life and the season of life you both are in.

Friendship will always be a part of our lives. Some friends will come and go. Some friends will stick with you for a time and season. And some friends will journey with you throughout your lifetime.

But, here is what I want you to ask yourself today – are you seizing the moments in your friendships to make great memories and to leave deep and lasting impressions?

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