A prayer for your child's emotions

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May you find words here that give you hope and encourage you as you walk this path of motherhood. Here are some free stuff ( e-books, printables and worksheets) that you can download for your personal use.

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A Prayer for Your Child’s Emotions (Free Printable)

While you as a parent may not always be responsible for your child’s emotional reactions, you can go consistently go to God in prayer and ask him to fill your child’s heart with healthy/positive emotions. Click here to download your free printable here.

A prayer for your child's emotions

Jesus Calling: A 5-Day Easter Devotional

Are you weary, burdened, broken or feeling hopeless in your life right now? Jesus is alive and calling you today to arise from the ashes of pain, abuse, despair and hopelessness into the fullness of life that he has to give you. Download your free devotional here.

Easter Devotional

A Prayer of Wisdom for Your Child (Printable)

Do you desire that your children walk in God’s wisdom every single day of their lives? You will love this FREE PRINTABLE that acts as a guide to help you say a prayer of wisdom for your child today.

A Prayer of Wisdom For Your Child

Download your free printable here

37 Empowering Affirmations for Mothers (Printable)

Do you have a list of empowering affirmations you speak as a mother? One of the ways a mother can keep her sanity intact in the midst of chaos is by speaking positive words to herself every single day. Check out this free printable of empowering affirmations for mothers. Download it here.

37 Empowering Affirmations for Mothers

Use this affirmations list as your Phone’s Wall Paper. DOWNLOAD IT NOW.

What are you Grateful for? (Printable)

Looking for reasons to be grateful? Check out this FREE PRINTABLE! Discover many things in your life that you can be grateful for.

Download the free gratitude printable

When Mothers Pray (A Free E-Book for Moms)

While motherhood remains a high calling, the role of prayer can never be neglected or shoved aside in our lives as mothers on this journey.

‘When Mothers Pray’ will show you the importance and power of prayer in a mother’s life using four stories from the bible.

Download your copy now. It is free!

A Mother’s Prayer (Printable)

Do you desire to speak quick heartfelt words in prayer to your heavenly father? You will absolutely love the prayers in this FREE PRINTABLE. A Mother’s Prayer tunes you to the heart of God as you make declarations of faith in humble submission to his will.

Free Printable for Moms

Download your free printable here

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