Do Miracles Happen Every Single Day?

Do Miracles Happen Every Single Day?

On certain days, I and him.
Random conversations.
About life. About God. About everyday living.

And this was one of such days.
In the car driving to our known destination.
Today it was about miracles.

Do miracles still happen?
Why do Christians chase after miracles when they can chase God?
Are some miracles stage-managed to attract huge following?

But what do we know.
Who can better speak of a miracle better than one who has experienced it.
A miracle of divine intervention. A miracle of healing. The miracle of a new day.

And then he said.
God still does miracles every single day.
Without our consent. Without our knowledge.

Danger, hazards and calamities that God averted without your knowledge.
People, decisions and places God took away from your path that could have destroyed you.
Diseases and cells in your body that God has prevented from multiplying.

And though we always want to feel the power and the glory of a miracle.
We must never forget that God also works in the silence and mundane.
And he is still working miracles everywhere – whether we see it or not.

And then I said.
Miracles still happen if only we open our hearts and eyes to see it.
Not just the big miracles, but the little, insignificant and overlooked miracles.

Opening your eyes to a brand new day.
Breathing in and breathing out.
Thinking, reasoning alongside gift of a sharp memory and sound mind.

For these, we must always be grateful.
And even when it looks like the miraculous has eluded you.
Be quick remember the miracle of a new day.

What miracle in your life are you thankful for?
Do you believe that God still does miracles every single day?

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