Discover The Real Reason Why God Made You a Mother

1562190863What happens when you discover the real reason why God made you a mother?

Did you know that these milestones in your motherhood journey are the memories that will light up your soul in the twilight season of your life?

Do you know that every day gives you great moments to teach and impact your children as a mother?

As the year came to an end in 2018, I had written articles to inspire mothers and my message was clear, to inspire you to find life and purpose in your motherhood journey.

But I still had this burden in my heart that some mothers were still clueless about their calling as mothers.

Then came January 2019, I was in the kitchen making dinner, while pondering about mothers and how much God has put in us, and the privilege we have been given to birth and nurture lives.

I was saying to myself, God made me a mother for a reason and I must make him proud in this area of my life. Then the idea dropped, ‘Why you MOTHER’ and the rest as they say is history. The words that came to my heart is what I penned down in this book.

So why did God make you a mother?

Why should you give your all to teach and nurture your children as a mother?

What happens when you discover the real reason why God made you a mother?

When you discover the real reason why God made you a mother, purpose is revealed, power is unleashed and influence becomes generational.

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