Dear Mother – You are Enough

“There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one.” –Jill Churchill

I once heard her say this, ‘I am drained physically and mentally. These kids leave me exhausted. Will I ever have a life of my own?

You once held your bulging tummy and spoke to the baby growing inside you.

You told her how much you could not wait to meet her.

And finally she arrived and left you in awe of God’s love and grace.

And your life has never been the same since that moment.

But then, number two and three came along quickly and their presence gives life and light to your home and family.

Yet, in the midst of this joy and gratitude, chaos and storms sometimes show up and there will certainly be those days.

And as you walk this motherhood path of nurturing souls and shaping lives, remember that there will always be those days.

There will be good days and bad days.

There will be days of wandering thoughts and days of deep exhaustion.

There will be days of forgetfulness and days of great mental clarity.

There will be days of laughter and days where you cry your heart out.

There will be days where you want to be left alone to just ‘breathe’.

There will also be days where your bones will cry out loud for some rest.

There will be days when you wonder if you are doing enough to raise your children right.

There will be days of intense prayers for your little ones and there will also be days of prayerlessness for lack of time and desire.

There will be days of crankiness and days where you will feel joy like a river in your soul.

There will be days where you lose it and your words will hurt and break emotions.

But there will also be days when your words will soothe, heal and comfort a hurting child.

There will be days where you feel hopeless on this journey. But there will also be days of faith and trusting God to lead you on this great path.

There will be days of thankfulness and there will be days where you feel cheated and used.

There will be days you win some and days when you lose some.

There will be days of not feeling good enough and mom enough.

But here is one thing I want you to know on one of those ‘not mom enough days’ – You are enough.

You are all that your children need. You were given to them for a reason. You were made for this purpose and you are enough to walk with them on this path of destiny.

Yes, you are enough!

So whenever you feel drained, overwhelmed, tired, hurt and alone on one of those days,

Always remember this – You are enough and you will live through those days creating deep bonds and unforgettable memories.

Simply because – you are enough!

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