Dear Mother

Dear Mother – There is a Hunt For The Destiny of Every Child Born Today

Did you know that Jesus was hunted down to be killed as a baby? Yes, he was. And just like him, there is a hunt for the destiny of every child born into the world today.

Children come into the world with great potential and destinies. But while we rejoice at their arrival, it is also good to remember that the enemy is on a mission to destroy the destiny of every child born.

“Herod is on the hunt for this child and wants to kill him.” Matt 2:13 Msg

King Herod was determined to kill Jesus as a child. You can see in the previous verses how he reacted to the news of the birth of a child who will become the King of the Jews according to prophecies.

Herod felt threatened by this new development. He became restless and had no other choice but to go after the life of this child to kill him. Isn’t this what the devil’s mission is today? To kill, steal and to destroy.

He sees every child born as a potential threat to his kingdom. So, he will do anything to get that child’s destiny destroyed. In other words – he goes for the hunt. His mission is to get that child’s life at the jugular and snuff life out of his destiny.

Imagine if Jesus was killed as a child? Just Imagine.

However, there are two sides to the story. While King Herod was seeking Jesus to kill him as a child, God was instructing his parents on how to go about securing the destiny of their child.

Isn’t it just amazing to know that God cares about protecting the lives of the child or children he gives to you? But the question is this, as a parent or mother – are you in tune with God to know what he is saying about each phase and season of your child’s life. Can you hear when God is trying to speak to you about your child?

The bible says that an angel showed up in a dream and told Joseph, the father of Jesus this. “After the scholars were gone, God’s angel showed up again in Joseph’s dream and commanded, “Get up. Take the child and his mother and flee to Egypt. Stay until further notice. Herod is on the hunt for this child, and wants to kill him.” Matthew 2:13 MSG

In that singular verse of scripture, we can see how clear the instructions are and the urgency in God’s word to Joseph. God speaks for different reasons and purposes. And when he speaks a word to you concerning your child, he is waiting to see if you will take action.

If there is a hunt for the destiny of every child born into the world, how willing are you as a mother and parent to protect the destiny of your child from the attacks and strategies of the enemy. God is more than willing to give you specific instructions and guide you in nurturing and protecting the destiny of your child.

Let us take a closer look at some of the words used by God’s angel as he gave Joseph instructions from the Lord.

1. GET UP – Arise, wake-up, stand up.

You cannot afford to be in a state of lethargy or stay tranquilized as a custodian of children. You are a mother and need to be fully awake to know what God wants to do with every child you have been entrusted with.

So if you have been sleepy, unaware and tranquilized in your motherhood and parenting journey, it is time to get up and partner with God to raise your child and protect his God given destiny.

2. TAKE THE CHILD – Hold that child. Be with that child. Be responsible about your role as a mother and parent.

When you take something, you hold it with you. You are responsible over the life of your child, you just cannot leave a child to himself. You need to take him and bring him close. You have to be involved in the life of your child every single day. You must never abandon your child to himself and his desires.

God is saying to you today – Take that child, hold him close, protect him and let me lead you.

3. FLEE – Run away quickly. Move out now.

I remember the movie ‘Escape from Sobibor’ and how the Jewish prisoners fled on the day of escape. They ran quickly to their freedom through dangerous land mines buried underneath the field, not minding that they could be blown away by those landmines.

They moved as fast as they could just to flee the death that awaited them in the Nazi Concentration Camp. Some died along the way as they ran, but some successfully fled to their freedom. There will be seasons in your motherhood journey when God will speak specifically about a child of yours.

The word may be loud and clear at times – MOVE OUT NOW WITH YOUR FAMILY FROM THIS ENVIRONMENT. MOVE YOUR CHILD OUT OF THAT SCHOOL NOW. Sometimes it maybe that he wants you to flee and protect your child from certain conversations and associations.

God may also want to move your child away from certain events, daily habits and lifestyle. For instance, he may want you to move your child away from certain TV programs and games.

But will you catch such instructions when they come?

4. STAY THERE – Remain in that place, do this, be still and listen for further instructions.

God told Joseph exactly what to do concerning the life of his child. He gave him specific instructions to protect the destiny and future of his child. Sometimes God will say to you as a mother, stay on this word for this child in this season of his life.

At other times, he may say to you, stay here daily in prayer for your child in this season of his life. Or stay alert and sensitive to what is going on in your child’s life on a daily basis. Simply put, stay there and let my words guide you and my instructions show you what to do about your child.

But the question is this – are you in tune with God in your life as a mother?

When God shows up with ideas, strategies and instructions to guide you as you raise your child – will you recognize his voice enough to obey those instructions?

Every child is a potential king and queen in God’s eyes. God sends children into the world as answers and solutions to problems plaguing the world. And many times, you never know how a child’s destiny will bring about great change in a family, environment and a nation.

This is the very reason Satan tries to hunt down children to destroy their future at a very young age. Jesus himself was hunted down to be killed as a child by King Herod. But the good part is that he had a parent who was awake and alert to God’s instruction concerning his God given destiny.

Hence, the singular act of a parent named Joseph arising and following God’s instructions protected the child Jesus from being killed at a young age. It is good to note that many other children were killed during this hunt by King Herod.

Can you imagine the destinies of those children that never got to see the light of day? As King Herod hunted down Jesus as a child to kill him, know that there is an aggressive hunt by the enemy to destroy the destiny of every child born into the world.

The ball is in your court now as a mother and as a parent.

It is time to arise from your sleepy and tranquilized state. Get up and listen for God’s instructions, so that you can protect and guard the future and destiny of your child.

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