Dear Mother – Many Seasons Will Come and Go

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Season : each of the four divisions of the year (spring, summer, autumn, and winter) marked by particular weather patterns and daylight hours, resulting from the earth’s changing position with regard to the sun.

And here in Nigeria, we have two seasons which we refer to as the wet and dry season.

My mother visited a few days ago, and just as she was about to leave, my children hugged her and said their goodbyes. They were excited because grandma came and brought them lots of goodies to munch on.

I was then taken back to my own childhood. I remember how excited we were as children each time mummy returned from the market. We were so sure that she would bring home something for us to munch on. Of course she always did. And it is amazing how quickly that season of life has passed.

I can still remember the day I became a mother. The joy, the gratitude, the confusion and the overwhelming moments. I remember jumping up to the screams of a crying hungry baby the very first night I returned from the hospital.

I woke up groggy still trying to understand my new life and season as a young mother. I struggled out of bed still half asleep to hold and feed my new baby.

I also realized at that moment that my days of straight hours of uninterrupted sleep at night were over. This was a new season for me and night-time feeds and interruptions to sleep was now a part of my daily routine.

It has been 10-years since that day and life has never really been the same for this momma. And while I have always loved my alone moments and solitude, this season in my motherhood journey embraces the noise, chaos, many questions, disruptions and sacrifices that come with having young children.

My mother is also in a new season of life. She once rocked little babies to sleep. She once strapped her babies on her back as she went about her daily business.

She lived through the fear and anxiety that came with raising teenage children. She has also watched her children graduate from school and start their own life’s journey.

She has given her children out in marriage. She has jumped in excitement at the birth every grandchild. And today, she celebrates her milestones with gratitude, as she savors the joy of being a grandparent.

Do you see that this motherhood journey is a walk in seasons?

There is summer, there’s winter and there is also spring time. There are also seasons of dryness and there are seasons where the clouds will pour forth rain to cool the atmosphere and hasten the harvest.

And as a mother, you will have your seasons too.

You will walk through seasons of joy and gratitude as you mother your children.

You will have seasons of growing and learning to become a better mother.

You will have seasons of planting and nurturing the seeds in the your home garden.

You will have seasons of intentional modeling and teaching children.

You will have seasons of intense prayers and deep intercession for the lives and destinies of your children.

You will have seasons of giving and making great sacrifices to raise your children.

You will have seasons where fear and anxiety will try to rule your life as you mother your children.

You will have seasons to counsel, support and encourage your child as they begin to walk their own path.

You will also have seasons of trusting God and letting go as you release your children into the world to become their own man and woman.

And yes, some seasons will come with trials and hopelessness.

Some seasons will come and grow your faith and also test your faith in God.

Some seasons will come with grief and loss.

Some seasons will come with anger, bitterness and pain.

While some seasons will come and leave you with deep life lessons.

But whatever season of life you are in your motherhood journey, it never really matters.

What matters are the things you do, the value you add, the memories you create, the lessons you teach, the legacies you build and the impact you make in whatever season of motherhood you are in.

And here is one thing I want you to always remember.

Many seasons will come and go – but a mother’s words, deeds, lessons and legacies will abide and leave on for generations.

So, can I ask you this last question,

Are you making the most of this season in your life as a mother?

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