Dear Mother – We Will Survive This Pandemic

Dear Mother,

I just want to let you know that we will come through this pandemic alive and well.

You may be self-isolating away from your family, you may even be at the hospital right now working to save lives.

You may be mourning the death of a loved one whom this deadly virus snatched away. Or you may just be like me, waiting for days to pass and hoping that life returns to normal.

But I wonder if life will ever be normal again. I know that your mind travels great distances everyday to places you have never even seen or been.

I know that fear grips your soul as you watch the news and hear the figures of those who have just contacted the virus.

I understand how much you want you and your family to remain safe and free from this pandemic.

I know because I feel the same way too. I am in a third world country and I am married to a health worker too.

Though he is not in the front-lines helping to save those battling to stay alive after testing positive to Covid-19, but there are others here who I know that are working day and night to keep others alive.

I worry like you when I hear the upsurge in numbers of those that just tested positive. I get scared at what can happen in my country if the numbers keep rising.

I wonder at my country’s healthcare and how they may never be able to cope if ever the numbers start to multiply.

But then, we may never have answers to all of this. And our hearts will still leap in fear at what can happen. Our thoughts will still run wild in the night season.

Our prayers will still be full of pleadings to God. Our arms will still seek to hold our families and loved ones close. Our mouths will only want to speak life and hope.

But then, as we hope silently for this pandemic to fade away from our lives, I just wanted to let you know that this too shall pass.

And at the end of it all, our lives will be better, our souls kinder and our world brought closer.

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