A Daily Prayer for Your Child

1 Thessalonians 5:17 – Pray Without Ceasing

How can you say a daily prayer for your child? God’s word encourages us as Christians to pray without ceasing. And as parents, every new day is a great opportunity to say a prayer over your children. You can speak a blessing, declare a specific word and surround your children with God’s presence in prayer.

More so, in those moments of daily prayer, God can give you a word concerning your child. He can open your eyes to see trouble before it arises in your child’s life. Also, God can nudge you to intercede more concerning a specific area of your child’s life that needs attention. Will you commit to saying a daily prayer for your child?

3 Simple Ways to Pray Daily for Your Child

1. Pray a Psalm over his/her life.

2. Lay hands on your child and bless him/her in the morning or at bed time .

3. Declare a Scripture Consistently over his/her life.

A Daily Prayer for your Child

Here are some quick daily prayers you can speak over your child. I believe that as you pray, God will expand these prayers and give you more words, scriptures and prayers as you commit to praying daily for your child.

1. (Insert Child’s name), you shall be taught of the Lord and great will be your peace. In righteousness you will be established and will stay firmly rooted in Christ. You are far from every form of oppression and terror. They shall not come near you. Amen!

2. Lord, may your presence always go with my child (insert name). Order his steps aright and lead him away from people and places that will bring harm, hurt and destruction into his life. I pray that God’s presence will always guide you and shield you as you journey through life.Amen!

3. (Insert Child’s name), God’s wisdom will enter your heart through his word and through godly men and women that will surround your path. May you always find wisdom in the voice and counsel of your parents. May the knowledge of God’s truth always be pleasant to your soul. Amen!

4. (Insert Child’s name), you are generous soul and you will be prosperous. As you help and invest in others, you will always be helped by God. You will eat the good of the land wherever you find yourself and will prosper in all your ways. Amen!

5. (Insert Child’s name), you will never abandon a righteous life to live in the darkness of sin or walk in dark ways. I pray for you that in every season or time of life, you will be able to resist every form of immorality, corruption and temptation that confronts you. God will always save you from the hands of wayward, perverse, corrupt and evil men and women. Amen!!

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6. (Insert Child’s name), the Lord will always be by your side to keep you safe. He will not allow you fall into the traps and deception set by the enemy. You will go out and return safely every single day. Amen!

7. May God himself fight for you in places and situations programmed to disgrace and destroy you. May the God of Jacob himself be your defense working behind the scenes to always ensure your victory. Amen!

8. May you always live conscious of who you are in God. You will not struggle to embrace your identity in God. You will not embrace a false identity or live by what the world calls you. You are who God has called you and will forever live in this truth. You are a child of the most hight God. Amen!

9. Lord, fill my child’s heart with courage to always stand for what is right no matter what. May he have the courage to always walk away from ungodly thoughts, friends, discussions and relationships that have no value. May you (Insert Child’s name) always be bold to speak the truth and stand for the truth at all times. Amen!

10. (Insert Child’s name), you are not arrogant. Your lips will not spread lies or rumors. Your hands will not murder the innocent. You will not plot evil in your heart towards another. Your heart will not devise wicked schemes and ideas. Your feet will not be quick to plot or do evil.

You will never be that person that pours out lies in a false testimony. You will not stir up strife between friends or cause conflict in a community. You will not be a troublemaker in the family. You will never be that child who will sow seeds of discord in the family or cause conflict among relatives. Amen!

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