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My C-section Story – Moses Oghenekaro

My name is Moses Eduigho Oghenekaro and I am an educator.

I gave birth to my baby in December 2019. I was due on the 24th of November 2019, but I had no signs of labor. One week passed and I quickly went to the hospital. I was told to stay back and the doctors checked me.

The Doctor ruptured the membrane himself and I later dilated but it was just 2cm. I slept at the hospital on Thursday/Friday. But on Friday night, I was told to prepare to go the labor room to be induced.

I labored after inducement but I did not dilate more than 2cm. The fetal monitor machine placed on me showed that my baby’s heart beat was very fast. I was then placed on oxygen and my baby’s heart beat normalized. All of a sudden it increased again.

They immediately stopped the inducement and told me that I would be taken to the theater because of fetal distress and that it was an emergency.

I had mixed feelings, even though I had never seen C-section as evil anyway. But I wanted to push my baby out, especially because my neighbor who was brought into the ward at the same time with me gave birth after inducement.

Secondly, we did not have enough money to pay for a C-section because I knew it was usually more expensive than normal delivery. Well, I was moved to the theater and I prayed fervently to come out alive. Honestly I was scared and expressed my fears to the doctors.

The doctors reassured me that all was well and calmed me down. And in less than 25 minutes, my baby was out. I felt them pull her out of me. They immediately brought her to me and asked me to say the sex of the baby. She was a girl and I noticed her mouth and skin.

I was cleaned up and taken back to the ward on Saturday morning. On my way to the ward, I began to shed tears of joy for being alive. When I saw my mum at the corridor, I poked myself again and said ‘Karo, you are alive. You made it’. We were discharged after four days and I went back home with a healthy baby.

My advice to women is this:

Do not look at C-section as evil. So many things happen during labor and the doctors are wise enough to suggest a C-section to save you and your baby.

My baby is four months old now and I have never regretted the decision to save myself and my baby by having a C-section.

Thank you.

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