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My C-section Story – Arogundade Une Mercy

My name is Mercy Une Arogundade and I am a wife and mother of four children. I am also a teacher, bead artist, environmentalist and aspiring writer.

Teaching has always been my passion. I enjoy challenging the thinking and orientation of my learners, thereby developing their critical thinking skills. And this is my C-section story.

It’s a taboo for your tears to drop on the baby”, my mother-in-law screamed.

But mama, these are tears of joy” I responded,“tears are tears”, she replied

I was holding my son in my arms for the first time and was overwhelmed with emotions. You see, this was after a 26-hour labour with no dilation.

Prior to this time, the doctor had told me during my first vaginal examination that my pelvic seemed narrow and that it might entail my having a C-section. I rejected it immediately. No one in my family had ever had a C-section. In fact, my elder sister had 11 kids all via vaginal birth.

Growing up, I had heard that women who gave birth through C-section were being punished for being wayward, and that even in cases where a woman gave birth via C-section, it was hidden because it was a shameful thing. So you can understand my orientation.

After 40-weeks with no sign of labour, I was induced but my cervix didn’t go beyond 2cm. I was in pains screaming and still insisting on “no tearing, no cutting, I must deliver like Hebrew woman “.

My husband and parents were begging me to have the procedure but I wanted to ‘faith it’. Yes o! I was that stubborn.

But after 26-hours the pain became unbearable and my baby’s heartbeat was dropping. No one told me before I quickly agreed to having a C-section, I did not want my baby to die. Thus began my C-section journey. I now have 4 kids all through C-section.

During each delivery, I am always awed by God’s love and filled with gratitude for all the doctors, nurses and other medical personnel God uses to deliver my bundles of awesomeness.

But for C-section, women like me who have a narrow/small pelvis won’t become mothers. Having a C-section is not a punishment, but a blessing. And I am proud to announce to whoever cares to listen that I am a C section mum.

Thank you.

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  1. Adaeze Stephen-Emeya says:

    Thanks for sharing your story..
    First time hearing that there is a link between waywardness and CS… Myths are bad o.

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