Are You Making History In Your Home And Family?

Did you know that we make our own history everyday?

It happens through our actions, deeds, thoughts, words.

It’s not the kind of history that newspapers, t.v. broadcasts report on.

It’s not the history captured in books.

It’s our HOME History.

The legacies we create through the lessons we teach our children.

We control that history.

We shape that history.

Behind front doors; that’s where the REAL truth lies.

If we do our jobs, our children go forth with acceptance, grace, tolerance, understanding.

They learn that individual differences make this world better.

That when they see injustice, they bring it to a special grown-up to make it better.

History happens all around us.

Sometimes in BIG, LIFE-CHANGING ways.

When history quiets itself, we still make our own.

HOME History.

Write a good story for the ages.

A guest post by Lisa Leshaw.
Lisa is a mental health professional specializing in adolescence and women’s issues.
Times are hard for everyone. She is privileged to offer counseling to anyone in need.
Lisa is praying for solace and well-being throughout the world. 😘
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