And So What If It Is A New Year.

Does it not always almost come down to the same old routine year in year out? Fireworks, family time, church gatherings, clubbing, quiet times, goal setting, partying and endless chit chats with friends.

Nothing new, nothing exciting and nothing seems different to you. But, it is a new year and also the start of a new decade, and there is always something to do, to become and to accomplish in a new year.

I definitely always look forward to a new year, as much as I also dread the thought of how quickly a year can pass you by, without really achieving anything. The latter scares the hell out of me, but I choose rather to turn my focus to the beginning of a new year, and believe that great things can happen in a year.

My children were particularly excited with the thought of stepping into a new year. I woke up to warm hugs and their sweet voices wishing me a , ‘Happy New Year’. I was grateful at that moment for the gift of motherhood and family. My heart was also full of gratitude for the gift of life, and another year to do something meaningful with my life.

Yes, it is 2020 and 6 days gone already and you may not be particularly excited about the new year. Perhaps you are heart broken, bitter, angry, hopeless, weary and sad about the way events played out in your life last year.

You prayed, worked hard, believed and yet nothing good happened. The excitement and joy all around had no real meaning, and you stepped into the new year with these words, ‘And so what if it is a new year’.

But, can I ask that you flip those words around for a moment? You might just see things from a different viewpoint. Of course, it is a new year and what if this is your opportunity to make things right and start all over again.

What if it is the year you can break the shackles of limitations in your life and rise up to be all that you are meant to be. What if it is the year to set yourself free from all that pain, anger and bitterness. What if this is your year of new opportunities, new dreams and new visions to rewrite your own story. What if this is the year where you can stand in your truth, defy the odds and shoot for the stars.

Perhaps, this is the year you can become a better version of you and grow wings of courage to soar high. And this may just be the year where motherhood takes up a new meaning, and you become that mother who will nurture and shape the next generation for good.

Yes, it is a new year and you can choose to make a difference and be the difference on life’s stage. Or maybe you will once again let the year slip away quietly, leaving you in your comfort zone, with your fears holding you captive from stepping into the path ordained for you.

It is a new year. What steps will you take to dig out the treasures buried deep within this new year and decade?

Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Many Hugs,


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